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With work from home as the new normal, Armadillo is there to help employees budget for costly breakdowns in their homes and have those breakdowns fixed quickly so they can get back to business.
What makes us special:
Armadillo empowers employees’ work-from-home environments, relieving the stress and distractions of breakdowns in the home. Attract and retain top remote candidates with our “health care for the home”.
Armadillo is a subscription plan that covers the cost and coordination of repairs and replacements for major home systems including HVAC, plumbing, electric and appliances.

Our technology makes requesting a repair and resolving the issue streamlined, easy and at your employees’ fingertips.

Armadillo receives high utilization from employees: on average between 1.5 and 2x per year. Think of it like health insurance for your employees’ homes – a benefit designed to attract new talent and retain existing employees who prefer to be a part of a modern WFH hybrid work environment.

Show you’re committed to empowering remote work environments with Armadillo
2 minutes to request service, 24/7, with the best service providers
Help employees who become new homeowners shoulder unexpected expenses in the first year of homeownership
We have 400 employees nationwide and were searching for benefits to support their home work environment, as well as to attract new hybrid and remote candidates. Armadillo has been a fantastic addition to our benefit roster – we’ve had over 15% of employees enroll in the program and we talk about this benefit when attracting new employees who value the ability to work from home. Within the first few weeks of starting up with Armadillo, we had three employees who required service. All received excellent service!
Dan H
CHRO, Forensic Engineering & Investigation Firm

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