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Health, Food and Nutrition, Mental/Behavioral Health, Whole Health


Low cost, high impact, simple to use cash rewards wellness program with built in BringIt® self-improvement challenge platform.  Cash rewards are paid out every Monday.

What makes us special:

KrowdFit is the only HIPAA compliant cash-back, employee wellness rewards program in the U.S. KrowdFit has paid out millions in cash rewards to members and it just keeps growing. KrowdFit focuses on rewarding effort, rewarding members with entries into randomized cash giveaway drawings which levels the playing field between athletes and non-athletes creating a very inclusive wellness program so everyone can win! There is no limit on how much a member can win in KrowdFit and KrowdFit handles all reward fulfillment and tax reporting at no additional charge.


KrowdFit, a SOC 2 Type II service provider offers a proven, HIPAA compliant, cash-back corporate wellness rewards program that engages the whole company. Using Operant Conditioning, we reinforce and reward small, achievable goals that lead to long-term behavioral change. KrowdFit provides an all-inclusive wellness engagement platform focused on rewarding the effort members make to consistently engage in living a healthy, active lifestyle with weekly cash rewards up to $5,000 per winner. KrowdFit has paid out millions in KrowdFit sponsored cash rewards to members.

Unlimited Cash Rewards

KrowdFit funds its own cash rewards pool. Rewards are paid out every week and range from $50-$5,000 per winner.

Simple & Easy to Use

KrowdFit is a fully managed program, requiring very little work from HR teams.

Analytics & Challenges

The KrowdView® dashboard provides real-time analytics & allows employer to create self-improvement challenges on the fly to engage and reward employees.

“KrowdFit has helped me stay motivated during this pandemic by giving me a prize for doing what I already do. Being stuck at home all the time is less than ideal and working out is one of my daily goals. I make it a point to workout 4-5 days a week, not only to keep me healthy, physically but emotionally. I will use my winnings to pay some bills and bought myself a treadmill to go under my desk so I can walk while working. Keeping up a Healthy lifestyle is crucial and walking while working plus my workouts should get this accomplished. Thanks for paying me to stay healthy!”

Sonia A.

 Physical Activity Winner
Operations Specialist at PacificSouce Health Plans

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