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Homethrive is the next generation caregiving support innovator that eases the impact of family caregiving by integrating our personalized digital platform and expert interaction for the most convenient and effective support.
What makes us special:
We break the caregiving support mold by skillfully blending self-service digital caregiving and health support with expert human interaction to effectively and efficiently right-size care to large populations.
Caregiver burnout is real, and costly. Employees are stretched thin trying to work while caring for children, aging parents, and loved ones with special needs. Time for themselves is scarce. Caregiving is quickly becoming one of the biggest downstream causes of employee mental health issues, accounting for higher rates of clinical depression and anxiety (57%). Additionally, 61% of caregivers are women, which is likely affecting your company’s efforts to attract and retain diverse talent. Finally, over 80% of workers with caregiving responsibilities say their productivity is affected, which has a direct impact on your bottom line.

Even with these staggering statistics, family caregiving is often overlooked and discounted.

Homethrive is the next generation caregiving support innovator that’s revolutionizing support for unpaid family caregivers and their loved ones. Our family caregiving platform, Dari, uniquely integrates our digital assistant for coaching, navigation, and resources with expert personal interaction and service coordination.

Unprecedented employee engagement
Homethrive knocks engagement out of the park as 40% of caregivers are actively engaged with our program, with 78% staying engaged for 18+ months.
Reducing costly turnover
Nearly 1 in 3 employees have voluntarily left their employer due to caregiving responsibilities. Homethrive reduces costly turnover and intent to resign amongst caregivers by 80%.
Increasing productivity
Our experts do the heavy lifting for your employees and their families, saving each employee an average of 16.4 hours per month.
Improving employee well-being
98% of employees report reduced levels of stress after working with Homethrive.
Homethrive reduces our employees’ stress, gives them peace of mind, and returns valuable time back to them, allowing them to spend less time caregiving. That has a direct, positive impact on productivity.
Nancy R.
National professional services firm

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