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Healthee’s powerful AI tool liberates HR teams from time-consuming insurance questions and empowers employees with the knowledge they need to get the most out of their entire health and benefit programs.
What makes us special:
Healthee is plan agnostic. Our AI-driven platform fully ingests the entire health and benefits suite of products offered by employers, regardless of carrier, network or vendor. Employees enjoy a seamless user experience that never links them out to a health plan website or customer service line answering their questions in a matter of seconds.
Healthee delivers answers to employees about their entire portfolio of health and benefit programs in one platform. Our AI-driven technology delivers tools and resources employees need to learn, understand, access and use all of their health plan benefits, from open enrollment to completing routine, emergency and chronic care; without needing to go to HR for questions and guidance.
Enjoy the perks of an all-in-one digital healthcare experience at the tips of your fingers. Access coverage information, explore benefits, find lower-cost care and more. We bring an entire, turn-key registration and ongoing engagement strategy, as well as proactive alerts, communication and personalized outreach to maximize the health and benefits experience for all employees.
Healthee’s powerful AI software provides answers to benefits and provider-related questions in seconds. No more reading the fine print or endlessly waiting on hold. 95% of the employees who logged into Zoe got their health plan and program questions answered right away.
Your health is your personal business. Healthee is a HIPAA compliant, completely confidential platform that allows you to privately get answers to all your health questions. With our easy, user-friendly interface, employees, spouses and dependents quickly find what they need in their first interaction with Healthee and come back often because of that first great experience. We also tailor outbound alerts to continue to remind them of the high-quality benefits they have and how to use them to best meet their individual needs.
Healthee empowers our employees to utilize their health benefits and price out health care spending. It adds an additional tool to their arsenal.
Gillian Maccarone
HR Administrative Manager, Nassaue

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Why The Secret to Saving HR Pros Time, Money, And Resources Lies With Your Healthcare Benefits

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