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Health, Mental / Behavioral Health, Sleep, Whole Health

Headspace for Work empowers organizations to prioritize mental wellbeing and guide employees to focus better, stress less, and become resilient. 

What makes us special:
By pairing an app loved and tested by millions with employer-facing benefits, Headspace for Work is shifting access to mental healthcare upstream. Headspace for Work drives high adoption and engagement rates as compared to other solutions, providing an approachable front door to destigmatize and prioritize mental well-being in the workplace.
Headspace for Work is a mindfulness-based mental health benefit that creates lasting change for organizations looking to improve employee happiness and workforce performance and cultivate a culture of mindfulness.

Through the Headspace app, employees have on-demand access to hundreds of standalone and series-based meditations, skill-building exercises, sleepcasts, guided workouts, and focus music, all personalized to fit their work life and everyday wellness. Meanwhile, HR & benefits leaders gain insight into their workforce health and well-being, encourage healthy habit-building and opportunities to upskill, and embed mindfulness and compassion across their organization.

A Highly Engaging Mindfulness Benefit
A low barrier to entry for mental healthcare that drives a 20-30% adoption rate on average
Skill-Building that Delivers Outcomes  
Headspace for Work’s daily, evidence-based, skill-building routines have been shown to decrease depressive symptoms by 46% and anxiety symptoms by 31% after 8 weeks.
Timely Topics. Diverse Experts. 
A diverse range of teachers and voices provides an inclusive experience for all employees.
Your Partner in Mental Health Strategy 
Gain access to training, resources, and best practices to embed mindfulness into your culture.
Employee adoption has been high and has given us a greater ability to speak more freely about mental health. Headspace for Work has been one of the easiest and most successful benefit plan programs I’ve implemented in my career.
Cassandra R
Global Business Director, enterprise software company

Headspace for Work: How it Works


Case study: Headspace & Hootsuite

Headspace for Work Overview

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