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About the Jellyvision and PlanSource Partnership

Jellyvision is an award-winning technology company whose interactive software, ALEX, talks people through complex, yet important life decisions in simple, fun, and engaging ways. Jellyvision’s ALEX uses behavioral science, non-jargony language and humor to engage employees and offer personalized, confidential guidance on topics like choosing a health care insurance plan, saving for retirement, managing health care costs or navigating a life event. ALEX will be seamlessly integrated into the PlanSource platform making it easier (and more enjoyable) for employees to learn about, shop for, and enroll in their employer-provided benefits. ALEX is used by more than 1,200 companies with more than 18 million employees in total – including 111 of the Fortune 500 and two-fifths of the country's 25 largest companies.

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Why It’s Important

Because ALEX explains high-deductible plans clearly, HDHP plan participation and HSA contributions increase, lowering payroll taxes for you

Employee benefit questions don’t stop once enrollment is over. ALEX answers them all year long, giving you time to do other important work

ALEX delivers consistent benefits messaging to employees on every schedule, in every department

ALEX helps highlight the value of new plan options in with a consistent message delivered in plain English and a dash of humor

Employees Benefit

ALEX is integrated seamlessly into the PlanSource Benefits Administration platform
providing employees a fun and easy way for them to find the best benefits.

ALEX  is a benefits counselor whose one-on-one conversations teach employees how to select and use their benefits

ALEX answers employees’ FAQs, explains complicated terms, and shows them how to get the most out of their benefits throughout the plan year

ALEX personalizes explanations to help employees pick the benefits that make sense for them, saving them (and you) a lot of money

If employees can find the internet, ALEX can help them and can be accessed from any device, any time

Talking to ALEX lets employees compare out-of-pocket costs for multiple plans, helping them make the best choice

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