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The PlanSource Advantage Program

We can integrate with any insurance carrier, but a select group have joined our exclusive PlanSource Advantage program to provide even more benefit to brokers and employers.

What is the Program?

The PlanSource Advantage (PSA) program is an exclusive, strategic program between select carriers and PlanSource that provides significant value to the broker and employer by offering an affordable online benefits administration platform.

Why Choose a PlanSource Advantage Partner?

PlanSource has partnerships with leading national insurance carriers who provide monetary credits when employers offer their products to employees and the employees participate, which makes PlanSource even more affordable. 

How Does the PlanSource Advantage Program Work?

Credits are based on the number of product lines subscribed to from the carrier
and the number of enrolled employees from each employer group in each of the products.

How Do Employers Benefit?

Comprehensive Benefits Packages

Employers can offer a comprehensive benefits package to their employees with products from leading carriers, so employees are more satisfied with their benefits package.

Better Customer Experience

Built-in integrations and best practices templates for plan setup create a smoother implementation and a better ongoing customer experience.

Affordable Benefits Technology

Employers can receive credits from PlanSource Advantage carriers that offset the fees for the software, making the benefits administration system even more affordable.

How Do Insurance Brokers Benefit?

Comprehensive Choice

By offering products from leading insurance carriers, brokers can recommend the products that are right for their clients and their employees.

Credits from Carriers

PlanSource Advantage carriers offset the fees for the software which makes the benefits administration system even more affordable.

Awesome Customer Experience

Clients can take advantage of integrations and best practices templates for plan setup, which reduces implementation times and creates a better customer experience.

How Do Insurance Carriers Benefit?

Increased Lines of Coverage

Our PSA partners offer financial incentives to employers, which increases the likelihood of their product being selected by an employer and enrolled in by employees. 

Increased Customer Retention

PlanSource customers stay PlanSource customers by providing a mobile-friendly enrollment experience for core and voluntary benefits.

Increased Employee Participation

PlanSource provides educational content by product and decision support tools which helps employees understand the product offerings and enroll in the right benefits.

PlanSource Advantage Carrier Results

Here are actual results from a Fortune 250 Insurance Carrier and PlanSource Advantage Program Partner


Improvement in average lines
of coverage


Increase in new business
close rate


Increase in
customer retention


Increase in voluntary 
plan participation

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