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About Brain Power Software

Brain Power Software is a technology company with the mission of continually engaging employees throughout their life-cycle within an organization. The proprietary cloud-based platform provides employer branded, data-driven, multi-channel content distribution to engage employees from on-boarding through off-boarding.

Why it’s Important

Employees don’t always know the full investment their employers makes in them

The full value of employees health and life benefits, retirement programs and additional perks aren’t always listed on a paystub

Improve employee retention by showing your employees the true value of their compensation package

Statements can be accessed on any device, printed or online, directly from their PlanSource account

Employees Benefit

As a QuickConnect partner, Brain Power improves employee retention by showing your employees everything you invest in them. Through PlanSource’s modern and intuitive benefits administration solution, Brain Power offers a custom branded total benefits and compensation statement for each employee.

A beautiful look at the full benefits package in one place that is interactive and provides details about each individual benefit

Reinforces education about benefits and reminds employees what they enrolled in and how it can help them and their families

Shows value for all benefits that the employer provides including vacation time, non-traditional perks, holidays and more

Improves employee loyalty by understanding how much employers invest in them and the full value that is offered beyond just base pay

Create a happier more engaged workforce by providing a transparent offering that shows the value you bring to the employee and why they are important to you

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