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Communications Timeline

Plan out your communications to make OE run like a well-oiled machine

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Plan - Map Out Your Strategy

One month prior to the start of Open Enrollment

Starting a month (or more) before OE, you should get your communications plan together. You will want to determine which types of communication make the most sense for your employees, the number of resources you have and the duration of communications. You’ll definitely want to communicate in multiple ways to reach different subsets of your population, so map out who gets what and when.

Here are some of the tasks to get done in the weeks leading up to OE:

a theme
for the year

Select communication methods

Schedule benefits meetings

Order OE Video Postcard

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Order Printed Materials

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Text Messaging

Request Quote

Select benefits to highlight

Develop benefits guide 

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Order Custom Video 

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Draft e-mail and text communications 

See Templates

Inform & Create Awareness

Two weeks prior to the start of Open Enrollment
Start raising awareness and getting OE dates ingrained in your employees' minds about two weeks before OE. Keep your message clear and simple, and use a memorable theme.  

Display posters in prominent areas

to employees

Send email
OE Dates 

reminder email 

One week prior to the start of Open Enrollment
At one week out, OE dates will hopefully be top of mind, so now you can start getting more specific, with details of what is new, login instructions and other updates.  

“what’s new”


Send “Open Enrollment Begins Tomorrow” email

Energize! Drive Employees to Action

Throughout Open Enrollment period
Once OE starts, your primary objective is to get folks to enroll and inform them about the benefits options they have available. We recommend sending a gentle reminder email and/or text message every day during OE. See email and text templates here.

Some things to keep in mind for communications during OE:

Use multiple forms of communication (email, text, video, skywriting)
Send daily “did you know” communications that highlight new benefits and changes
Use attention-getting email subject lines and text
Include calls-to-action that create a sense of urgency
Incorporate your theme to sprinkle in the fun
Use videos to explain voluntary benefits

Follow Up - Explain Next Steps

Post Open Enrollment Communications

Keep the magic of open enrollment alive by following up with employees about how to access their benefits information, when they can make changes due to life events and other pertinent communications.

Things to do after open enrollment: 

Change the message to focus on how to use the benefits
Encourage employees to download the free PlanSource Mobile App
Educate employees about making changes after open enrollment with a qualified life event
Take a well deserved beach vacation

Need Custom Employee Benefit Communications? 

PlanSource can provide custom websites, guidebooks, videos, postcards, brochures, total compensation statements that reflect your company's unique brand, culture and workforce.

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