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Our complete set of e-mail and text templates for open enrollment covers everything from benefits education to login instructions. They will take you through every step of the OE communications timeline, from two weeks prior to open enrollment to follow-ups after OE is completed. They also incorporate email marketing best practices such as great subject lines, clear calls-to-action, bullet points and links to educational videos.

There is a lot to say!

Open Enrollment is the perfect time to educate your employees about the value of their benefits package, and email is the most convenient way to get that message out.

Announce OE Dates

Provide educational videos

Provide login instructions

Announce benefits meetings

Provide educational videos

Provide benefit highlights

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OE Instructions for Employees

It’s pretty easy for employees to get around in the PlanSource system. But just in case your employees need it, we’ve created a short guide that provides instructions on how to navigate the PlanSource system, with editable login instructions and an overview of the shopping and enrollment process.

Version Language  
2.0 English View
2.0 Spanish View
3.0 (New!) English View
3.0 (New!) Spanish View

Need Custom Employee Benefit Communications?

PlanSource can provide custom websites, guidebooks, videos, postcards, brochures, total compensation statements that reflect your company's unique brand, culture and workforce.

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