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We have developed a range of open enrollment templates to help you get the word out to employees and boost engagement in the OE process. Simply pick the theme you want to use, add your OE dates, upload your logo, and voilà!—you can download customized PDFs. Attach to emails, use on your benefits site, or print and mail them to employees directly. The poster and flyer are sized to fit standard printers, but for best results, we recommend you use a professional printer (especially for the postcards).

Open Enrollment Themes

Using a theme for open enrollment helps your communications stand out and provides consistency to your OE communications. We’ve developed the themes below, which will be carried through in the poster, flyer and postcard.

Simple, clean and oh-so-“2020 OE” … this techy template says it all about what open enrollment will look like in the year of COVID-19.

Let employees know “I’ll Be There For You” – no matter where they are this OE season – with a fun Friends-inspired throwback.

There’s no way employees will be ‘puzzled’ by their benefits options this OE period when you use this bright and spunky piece.

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