Findings Presented to Utah Health Exchange

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Last week PlanSource presented findings to the Utah Health Exchange (UHE) in phase 1 of the State’s assessment of their current technology in order to make recommendations for future developments.  Meetings were held at the State Capitol in the governor’s conference room on July 12, 2011.

Several months ago, as the UHE began to consider how to grow its Exchange platform and prepare for the 2014 requirements of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), it awarded PlanSource the Phase I “assessment” project.  The recommendations provided in the Phase I project will be incorporated into a Phase II project, which is focused on actual execution rather than just planning.

Utah’s philosophy is to keep the size of the governmental agency which operates the UHE small by privatizing as many components of the Exchange as possible while still maintaining effective delivery of health plans to UHE users.  PlanSource reviewed Utah’s model and presented a plan to further develop the system that embraced the state’s philosophy.

Utah is blazing new trails in a very complex landscape.  “It was an honor to be selected by one of the true pioneering states in the world of public health exchanges and help them evaluate the best next steps for the growth of the platform.  Utah’s selection of PlanSource reinforces the deep domain experience we have with leveraging technology to manage very complex administrative tasks, connecting a broad spectrum of key stakeholders, and still delivering an easy-to-use, engaging consumer experience,” said Scott Carver, President of PlanSource.

PlanSource was asked to assess and present their findings on the following topics:

  • Framework of the UHE
  • Facilitation of the private defined contribution markets for small and large employers
  • Guidance on how to leverage existing technologies and private sector resources to improve functionality
  • Exchange certification requirements as outlined by the HHS Secretary
  • Analysis of relevant, existing government systems and the data they house
  • Best Practices for consumer health portals