PlanSource Launches New Personalized On-Demand Learning Experience

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Embedded system provides tailored tutorials, product walkthroughs and numerous learning tools   

Orlando, Fla. – August 4, 2016 – PlanSource announced today the launch of a new embedded training platform featuring on-demand, self-paced walkthroughs built directly into the PlanSource benefits administration experience. PlanSource utilizes WalkMe™, the award-winning guidance and engagement technology. Launched in 2012, WalkMe’s platform is used by over 800 enterprise service providers and SaaS vendors, including many Fortune 500 companies.

The WalkMe-powered feature, named GuideMe, appears as a constant, unobtrusive tab in the PlanSource benefits administration interface, acting as a tutor for system administrators, always on hand to guide them through complex tasks. In addition to the step-by-step walkthroughs, it offers field-level help, feature notifications, powerful search tools, videos and other resources. Guidance and engagement tools such as pop-up balloons, notification bars and call-to-action buttons direct users through processes from start to finish.

“The PlanSource system can be configured in many ways, giving employers numerous options for how to manage their employee benefits,” said Anita Messal, Chief Operating Officer of PlanSource. “What’s great about the enhanced system is that it allows our users to quickly and easily see what the system is capable of and get the most out of the powerful tools at their disposal.”

“WalkMe was launched with the vision to transform the world’s web and mobile user experience into one that was simple, effortless, and efficient.” said Richard Woolf, Executive Vice President, Global Sales at WalkMe. “We’re thrilled to help PlanSource users navigate their platform and build a better benefits experience for employees and their families.”

The WalkMe platform uses a context-intelligent algorithm to ensure that the right people receive the right guidance at the right time, adjusting to each user’s specific role, tasks, actions and device.

“This is the dynamic next-level help feature we’ve been looking for,” said Jaime Ferguson, Senior Client Technology Specialist at Benefit Technology Resources. “It’s going to bring our clients into the new evolution of on-demand answers at their fingertips without leaving the system. We’re excited about the multitudes of materials available, and how engaging it is for all levels of PlanSource users.”

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