New Broker Portal Released

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PlanSource announced today the addition of a new web portal for employee benefits brokers utilizing their benefits administration platform. This powerful tool is designed to provide unprecedented levels of access and visibility into the benefits administration activities of a broker’s clients and further enhance their advisory and client management services.

The first edition of this new portal will provide brokers real-time access to critical client data and help facilitate the integration of PlanSource solutions into their core service offering. Equipped with these new levels of insight, brokers will be more empowered to positively impact their client’s administrative and compliance burdens while at the same time dramatically enhance the employee’s experience. The portal will also contain a variety of analytical tools to help brokers identify new revenue opportunities as well as easier ways to connect with PlanSource’s strategic carrier partners, who offer incentives that can further reduce their client’s costs.

“What we are releasing today is just the beginning.  Brokers are continually looking for ways to add more value for their customers, particularly in this era of healthcare reform.  Our intention is to arm our broker partners with real-time information and tools that will allow them to interact with their clients in ways that were previously unimaginable. By leveraging this technology, brokers can find new sources of revenue while enhancing their role as trusted advisors,” said Scott Carver, President of PlanSource.

In addition to client management tools, the broker portal provides a single gateway to PlanSource’s integrated suite of products including Payroll/HRIS, Employee Education & Decision Support, Electronic Forms Management, COBRA and FSA. Brokers will also have access to a comprehensive library of broker branded marketing materials in order to promote and explain the value of the PlanSource suite of solutions to potential or existing customers.

Over the next 12 months, PlanSource has aggressive plans to add even more features and functionality to the portal.