PlanSource and Ceridian bring Payroll to Hawaii

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Ceridian Hawaii is excited to announce a formal partnership with PlanSource, a leading provider of benefits administration technology, where they will be joining forces with Ceridian’s payroll services to offer a paired solution. As a result of this partnership, clients may now have access to both PlanSource’s robust benefits administration technology and Cerdian’s state-of-the-art Payroll services. This effectively allows an employer to manage their entire back-office HR with a single solution set.

The PlanSource platform is a web-based, proprietary technology and marketplace platform, which is capable of delivering an unprecedented level of self-service functionality in the areas of benefits procurement, customer set up, employee decision support, and ongoing administration. This platform is simple and intuitive enough to enable brokers, employers, employees, or others to complete the implementation process without the customization and configuration requirements that have been the primary impediment to cost-effectively serve the small and medium-sized market.

“PlanSource prides itself on leading the way in the Benefits Administration technology space. We are excited to form this strategic partnership and bring our platform together with a great payroll product provided by Ceridian Hawaii,” said Scott Carver, President of PlanSource.

“As technology advances, customers are demanding integrated systems to leverage data across platforms and streamline administrative tasks,” said Ben Johnson, Vice President of Sales at Ceridian Hawaii. “Ceridian is committed to providing our clients with solutions that take hold of that leverage and we believe we have found an excellent product to do just that in PlanSource for the management of benefits, a key part of back-office HR management.”

In addition to increased accuracy and convenience, outsourcing payroll and benefits administration with Ceridian and PlanSource provides customers with the following benefits:

  • Employers can post benefit plan details online and allow employees to use decision support tools to make the best benefit plan decisions
  • Employers can conduct benefits enrollment online without the use of paper enrollment forms
  • In addition to viewing paycheck details and history, employees can easily view benefit details of the plans they are enrolled in
  • Organizational reporting is greatly increased for HR managers and executives as they have the ability to analyze payroll and benefits data together
  • Accessibility is simple for both platforms through web-based access

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