LifeHealthPro: 3 insights from an ACA notice pioneer

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LifeHealthPro featured PlanSource Vice President for Strategic Initiatives, Jeana Parker in an article on detailing reporting for the Affordable Care Act. An excerpt from the article is below and the entire piece can be found here.  

3 insights from an ACA notice pioneer
By Allison Bell
December 9, 2016
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Jeana Parker helped 723 clients send the IRS 446,602 1095-C forms for 2015.

Getting the first batch of Form 1095-C employer health coverage notices out to the enrollees, former enrollees and Internal Revenue Service was possible, but it wasn’t much fun.

Jeana Parker, vice president of strategic initiatives at Orlando, Florida-based PlanSource Benefits Administration Inc., talked about the challenges involved with sending out the 2015 wave of 1095-C notices today in an interview.

PlanSource is a major employee benefits and human resources support services company.

The Affordable Care Act now requires employers to send out notices showing whether they offer employees health coverage. Employees with group health coverage can use the notices to prove that they have minimum essential coverage and need not pay the penalty that the law imposes on many people who lack what the government defines as enough health coverage.

Employees without group health coverage can use their 1095-C forms to show that they are eligible to apply for ACA public exchange plan premium subsidies.

An affected employer is supposed to get a 1095-C coverage notice out to each worker and former worker after the end of the year. An employer is also supposed to send a 1095-C summary sheet, Form 1094-C, to the Internal Revenue Service.

Parker oversaw the PlanSource effort to help 723 clients measure 750,979 workers’ hours, produce 459,342 1095-C forms, and transmit 446,602 1095-C forms to the IRS.

The IRS has told employers it will give them extra time to get the second wave of 1095-C forms, for calendar year 2016, to employees and former employees.

Read the entire article here.  

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