Diginomica: HR Tech 2016 round up – 12 vendors you need to know

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PlanSource was mentioned in an article on Diginomica. An excerpt from the article is below and the entire piece can be found here.  

HR Tech 2016 round up – 12 vendors you need to know
By Brian Sommer
November 21, 2016
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Check out some of the vendors we came across at HR Tech 2016 – it isn’t all about HR admin and payroll.

For next year
For next year, I think we’ll all want to hear more about firms like:

  • Degreed (they’ve got a new approach to Learning)
  • PlanSource (a very efficient way to deal with Benefits)
  • HighGround (employee engagement vendor that’s already attracting big customers)
  • RandRR (a new approach to recruiting that will launch in 2017)
  • Namely (a mid-market solution/platform that brings together HR functions & people in ways that increase engagement, reduce costs, etc.)
  • MOVE Guides (a solution that helps companies relocate workers)
  • Strategic Management Decisions (an assessment/survey provider with a 10% turnover reduction guarantee), and
  • GuideSpark (a provider of video and other content to help HR communicate policies, benefits, etc.).

Looks like innovation is alive and well in the HR space.


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