BenefitsPro: 10 tips for technology use in benefits

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BenefitsPro featured PlanSource CEO Dayne Williams in an article featuring tips from industry experts on using technology for benefits. An excerpt from the article is below and the entire piece can be found here.

10 tips for technology use in benefits
By Erin Moriarty-Siler
January 23, 2017
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To maintain an edge in today’s market, keeping up with the latest technology innovations is key. With the constant need to want answers faster and at the tip of our fingers, brokers and benefits managers need to consistently find new ways to use technology to their benefit. As part of our our marketing and sales tips series, we asked our audience for their thoughts on technology.

Here are the 10 tips we liked best.

6. Know the limits

“To be a truly consultative partner, a broker today must understand the benefits (as well as the limits) of technology.” Dayne Williams, CEO, PlanSource


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