Accenture: Top 10 Insurtech Investments

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PlanSource was mentioned in a blog posted by Accenture listing the top insurance technology companies by investment. An excerpt from the article is below and the entire article can be found here.

Top 10 Insurtech Investments
July 17, 2017
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Digital innovation appears to be gathering momentum in the insurance industry. Accenture conducts a worldwide survey of insurance leaders every year as part of the research for the annual Tech Vision for Insurance report. The results this year reveal near-unanimous agreement among insurance leaders that the pace of technological change is picking up.

Accenture analysis reveals that 136 insurtech investment deals were executed in Silicon Valley last year. San Francisco attracted 82, while New York City rounds out the top three with 58. Outside this the distribution becomes more global, with firms based in cities like London, Gurgaon, Berlin, and Toronto attracting significant numbers of deals.

At the beginning of this year Accenture research tallied all publicly known insurtech investments. These are the ten biggest insurtech firms by investment.

10. PlanSource is a cloud-based HR and administration platform. Headquartered in Orlando, it has received $94 million in funding in three deals.


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