BenefitsPro: State of the market: HR & benefits technology trends

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PlanSource President and Founder Scott Carver wrote a bylined article that appeared on An excerpt from the article is below and the entire piece can be found here.  

State of the market: HR & benefits technology trends
Scott Carver
September 14, 2016
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It’s an incredibly exciting time to be in the HR and benefits space. New regulatory requirements have added layers of complexity to an already complex field, new technologies continue to spring up and we are facing fundamental shifts in what consumers expect from a benefits and HR experience.

At Eclipse 2016, I was lucky enough to sit down with a panel of health care experts, technology gurus, and HR and benefits leaders to talk about these and other trends that are shaping our industry and impacting the way benefits and human capital management tools are bought, sold, and managed.

Read the full article here.