PlanSource now offers Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana products for employers with 50 enrolled employees or more

An Investment in PlanSource Delivers Benefits

PlanSource is a multi-carrier benefits administration platform that can be customized by employers to support comprehensive benefits programs including both defined contribution and defined benefit models. Employers, employees, brokers and carriers alike use the PlanSource platform for benefits shopping, enrollment, billing, compliance and ongoing administration.


A Friendly Employee Experience


It’s Intuitive

With customizable tools and educational content, employees easily understand the benefits that are offered, see the impact on their paychecks, and become more informed consumers of health care.


It’s Personalized

Throughout the shopping experience, PlanSource asks relevant questions and surfaces meaningful and timely information to provide personalized plan recommendations aligned to employee preferences.


It’s Convenient

With responsive, easy-to-use screens and a free smartphone app, employees can do important stuff like access their benefits, share their ID cards, store important health care contacts and receive push notifications.

With Features that Matter to Employees

Employee Shopping

We guide employees through the process so that they can shop for benefits the same way they shop for other products online.


Educational Content

Personalize the content that displays to employees based upon demographics, location, employee type and more.

Personalized Plan Recommendations

Help your employees understand their “best match” plans based on their preferences and expected usage (doctor visits, drugs, etc.).


Defined Contribution

Get control of your costs by fixing the amount you want to spend, and letting your employees choose the best way to allocate the funds.

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Employee Communications

Understand out-of-pocket responsibilities and deductions, and receive push notifications and electronic benefit confirmation statements.

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Benefit Enrollment

Employees enroll online with a user-friendly, one-thought-per-screen workflow, while HR oversees the process and approves changes.


Life Event Changes

Automatically enforce your rules for life events as your employees get married, grow their families, or lose coverage throughout the year.


PlanSource Mobile App

Provide convenient access to benefits information, insurance cards, and announcements to your on-the-go employees.

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Spanish Language Support

Engage with your Hispanic employee population by providing a user- friendly benefits shopping and enrollment experience in Spanish.

An Admin-Free Administrator Experience


Maintain Control

Benefits are a significant spend that PlanSource helps manage through eligibility, cost calculations and carrier billing and reconciliation, regardless of whether a defined-benefit or contribution approach is selected.


Stay Compliant

With government oversight and regulations increasing with the ACA, PlanSource has the requirements built into its features and workflow to ensure that processes and procedures are kept compliant from the start.


Be Engaging

By giving employees technology tools like PlanSource that save them time, respect their circumstances and help them make the right decisions, team members will be happier and more productive.

With Features that Matter to HR Teams


ACA Compliance

Automate the creation and distribution of Forms 1094-C and 1095-C and the complex measurements required for ACA compliance.

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Eligibility Management

Configure your employee groups and benefits, including business rules for waiting periods, coverage options, age restrictions and EOI.



Manage the end-to-end experience from qualification and enrollment to administration and termination.


Open Enrollment

Oversee the OE process for your employees for the new plan year, while continuing to manage changes in the current benefit year.


Cost Calculations

Calculate employee and employer contributions to premiums, and automatically transmit deductions to your payroll system.


Employee Communications

Provide custom communications to specific employees or employee groups during open enrollment or throughout the year.

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Carrier Billing & Reconciliation

Generate consolidated self-bills and reconcile carrier-provided bills based upon carrier-specific rules for billing and mid-month changes.

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Configurable Reporting

Leverage a suite of built-in, best practice reports or create custom reports that can be generated automatically to meet your needs.

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Customized Branding

More than just colors and logo, the full user interface can be customized to include imagery, navigation style, messaging and content.

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