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Cognos Analytics Student Manual Week-1

Cognos Analytics Student Manual Week 2

Cognos Analytics Student Manual Week 3

Cognos Analytics Student Manual Week 4

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Cognos Analytics Week 1 Webinar


Cognos Analytics Week 2 Webinar


Cognos Analytics Week 3 Webinar


Cognos Analytics Week 4 Webinar

Cognos Analytics

Learn About the Cognos Interface


Pre-Release Webinar #1


Pre-Release Webinar #2

Welcome Page:

After logging into Cognos Analytics, the Welcome page appears. This video and documentation show you how the Welcome page is organized and reviews the new user interface.


Application Bar:

The application bar allows you to navigate between Cognos Analytics pages, enables you to establish a home page, and provides access to your Personal Menu.


Side Panel:

The Cognos Analytics side panel gives you access to your Business Intelligence content.


User Interface:

This document will compare the old Cognos to the new Cognos Analytics and reviews newly accessible menus and functions.

Learn How to User Cognos Analytics


Navigate Cognos Analytics:

Learn how to navigate the new Cognos Analytics portal


My Preferences:

Use the personal menu to set your preferences for report output types, time zones and more.


How to Search Content and Package Data:

Learn how to find an existing report or determine which package to use to write a report.

Run Reports:

Learn how to run a published report in the new portal.


Use Report Viewer:

Learn how to use the on-demand tool bar in the report viewer to modify the report layout.


Create a Folder and Copy a Report:

Learn how to organize your reports into folders and move them around.


Schedule a Report:

Learn how to schedule a report and use best practices to send to recipients automatically.


Modify Report Properties:

Learn how to use the on-demand menu to change report titles, descriptions, prompts and more for an individual report.


Creating a New Report:

Watch the short video on how to create a blank report, use the additional documentation for in-depth report building tips. Check out the Webinar recordings for more content.


Join Queries:

Review this advanced content to join tables/fields when using the Administrator Package to write reports.

Report on Configurable Fields:

For customers who use configurable fields, learn how to report on current field data.