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HR teams can be easily inundated with administrative work.. When you’re underwater, it’s tough to come up for air and help employees who need help at that moment. It’s also hard to get ahead and address issues before they snowball. Together, PlanSource can help you - whether you are the broker or part of the HR team - not just react to issues, but proactively plan ahead for what’s needed.

Because PlanSource works with brokers to serve their clients, PlanSource includes support for HR staff and brokers in which we’ll help you work through questions and share best practices. When things get busy and help is needed to run benefits, PlanSource can be that help. Whether it’s configuring enrollment, verifying depending eligibility or reconciling claims, PlanSource will help get it done.

This Is How We Can Help You

System Help
Sometimes HR staff and brokers need help with common “how do I?” system questions. No more flipping through user manuals - we’ll here to help you succeed.

Benefits Configuration Assistance
Setting up populations, configuring plans and coordinating integration with carriers can be time-consuming and complicated.

Open Enrollment Assistance
This annual pilgrimage is a critical time of year to make sure that employees who want coverage get coverage. When you need help, we’re here for you.

Life Event Help
When life happens, whether it be a marriage, a birth or something else, we’ll help you make sure that the event is properly recorded and managed in the system.

New Hire Assistance
Getting new hires setup correctly on their benefits in their first days is critical for that all-important “first impression” that must be made. We’ve got your back if you need help.

EOI Tracking
Even though PlanSource can easily handle tricky evidence of insurability rules, sometimes people just need some help navigating the process. And that’s ok with us.

QMCSO Management
Qualified Medical Court Support Orders can be confusing to handle. We’ll help you handle the complete end-to-end process to ensure that you are fully compliant.

Claims Assistance and Triage
If employees or their dependents are rejected from coverage, PlanSource can help the involved parties find a resolution to the inquiry.

Wait! There’s More!

In addition to administrative support for the employer and their broker, we are also to provide support for employees and their dependents too. After all, your employees and their dependents are what all this hubbub is about.

Learn About the Contact Center

Let’s face it - running an employee benefits program can be overwhelming. Benefits outsourcing means that we’ll run your benefits program for you and acts as an extension of your HR and benefits team.

Learn About Benefits Outsourcing

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