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An important part of the employee benefits process is connecting a company's data to insurance carriers, payroll providers and other third party administrators. This process is called Electronic Data Interchange, affectionately known as EDI, and PlanSource has a lot of experience with it. We integrate with more than 700 different systems and have 15,000+ live data connections! It can be pretty complex, but we make sure the process is as smooth as a game show host’s voice.

We Partner with Over 700 Carriers, Partners and TPAs

At PlanSource we understand the value of partnering with insurance carriers, payroll providers and other technologies. That is why we have a flexible platform that can meet the needs of many.

Insurance Carriers
The products insurance carriers offer are the lifeblood of employee benefits programs because, without them, employers would have nothing to offer and employees would have nothing to enroll in.

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Product Availability

By partnering with insurance carriers we can offer our customers more products to choose from, all available within our online benefits administration platform.


More Than 15,000 Integrations

We have over 15,000 integrations with technology partners, which allows for more flexibility and customization to what employers already have and need.

identify-01Seamless integrations

Without getting technical, we integrate seamlessly with carriers so that employees can enroll in their benefits and employers can administer the program.

With Whom We Connect and Integrate

We’re an open system. As long as “the other guy” is willing and able to integrate with us, we’re willing and able to integrate with them.

Even though they may not carry the risk, Third Party Administrators are on the hook for claim processing and other administrative services. With integrated systems, we help them deliver on their obligations.

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Payroll Providers
Payroll and benefits go together. Demographic information needs to be up-to-date and deductions need to be accurate - otherwise, employees are upset and HR staff looks foolish.

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Strategic Partners
 There are a host of other human resources software systems out there that are able to integrate with PlanSource. With an open architecture and accessible APIs, we make integration happen.

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How It Works

Setting up EDIs typically takes between 8 to 12 weeks. It usually starts during software implementation and finishes a few weeks after implementation is done. See more about our implementation here.

Wait A Minute!

If EDI takes longer than the software implementation,
what happens to all the changes being made in the meantime?

Not to worry, that’s where PlanSource’s Carrier Connect comes in. We bridge the gap after software implementation and before EDI is ready by manually sending any changes made in the system to the carrier. It’s that easy.

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