Billing Reconciliation
and Payment Service
Stop worrying about complicated carrier billing and let us do the work for you

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Reconciling and Paying Carrier Bills is Hard Work

It’s time consuming to track all the bills
from all the different carriers

It’s tedious to perform line-by-line
comparisons between carriers

It’s easy to miss details
like incorrect premiums or retroactive payments

PlanSource Does The Hard Work For You With Plenty of Benefits

Let someone else track
and pay individual carrier bills

Eliminate line-by-line
comparisons of monthly invoices

Identify discrepancies
and resolve the quickly

Minimize the risk
of incorrect premium payments

Automatically capture
retroactive adjustments

Establish a single point of contact
for billing from multiple carriers

“PlanSource manages all the tedious functions of benefits administration for me so I can spend my time on other value-added areas. Bill reconciliation alone is worth the cost of this platform! No other platform offers this service.”

-Lisa DeGisi, Benefits and Welfare Specialist, BPM 

What’s Included In The Service?

Consolidation of invoices
into a single view

Remittance of payments
to multiple carriers

Detailed monthly auditing and discrepancy resolution

Single point of contact
for each client

How Does The Service Work?

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