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Success Story
Learn how Guardian’s Evidence of Insurability API with PlanSource yielded significant time savings for both the broker and customer. Both Single Sign-on and automated decision notification relieved the broker of tedious administrative tasks while increasing customer satisfaction with their benefits experience.
The broker in this case study offers most conventional services of a benefits insurance brokerage. However, their unconventional consulting services are where they have made their mark—and leveraging PlanSource technology simplified the evidence of insurability tasks, as well as other critical processes on behalf of their customer.
7 properties
Lessors of Real Estate Property
“PlanSource gives access to all the information I need to provide the services our customer has come to expect. Administrative tasks have been greatly reduced so I can spend more time on other needs and goals on behalf of my customer. Guardian and PlanSource’s Evidence of Insurability (EOI) API, removed the burden to have to manually review, collect and track EOI forms. This resulted in a positive open enrollment experience.”
Senior Account Manager
  • Organizing and navigating 7 properties’ benefits information by location and by plan on behalf of the customer
  • Reviewing and tracking down Evidence of Insurability (EOI) forms distracted HR from other, important customer activities
  • Communicating the results of each EOI was a daunting and time-consuming activity that consumed much of HR’s time
Benefits management is no easy task and without PlanSource, the broker was spending an absorbent amount of time on tedious tasks that were managed by paper. The Account Manager now leverages the PlanSource platform to automate tasks, ensure accuracy of benefits information and enrollment and manage EOI forms as well.
  • Single Sign-on: APIs with Guardian’s Evidence of Insurability forms made it easy for employees to fill out the medical questions while also alleviating the need for an intermediary—such as the Account Manager or HR Director—from being involved.
  • Automated Decision Notification: Guardian’s EOI decision notification integration eliminated the unnecessary admin work of tracking down employee’s EOI decisions and communicating them out. Now the employees know instantaneously whether they were approved or not.
  • Open Enrollment Convenience: PlanSource technology delivered overall OE convenience to the broker through allocating plenty of time for testing and managing benefits.
These results are the personal views of the individual interviewed herein and may not represent the experience of others. The information presented should not be used as the basis for any decision making. For illustrative purposes only. GUARDIAN  and the GUARDIAN G  Logo are registered service marks of The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America and are used with express permission. 2022-133429 (Exp. 2/23)
15 minutes
saved per employee that completed EOI with Guardian’s Single Sign-on integration
1.5 hours
saved each week from tracking and reporting automations
24 hours
of admin work saved due to Guardian’s automated decision notification process
Increased customer satisfaction
with their benefits through the use of PlanSource’s technology
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