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Insurance Carriers

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Keep Customers Happy

If your customers are happy, little else matters. With an experienced team, PlanSource will help minimize churn.

Burdened with Compliance

Confidence and control of your processes is needed, and they are something that PlanSource can provide to your team.

Inflexible Legacy Systems

Outdated systems are a struggle and building new ones is expensive. PlanSource can help bridge the gap to a new world.

Employee Participation

Selling more product lines is important, but increasing employee participation is critical to growing in the right ways.

PlanSource Gives Carriers Plenty of Benefits

Customer Retention

Give your customers useful tools that will keep them happy, make them feel loved, and more important, solve their problems.

Automate Enrollment

Make your enrollments, changes or terminations in a snap and stop playing the mail and wait game for changes to take place.

Online Administration

Automate important administrative processes that will save your customers time and make you seem indispensable.

Cutting-Edge Tech

Offer cloud-based mobile tools to automate enrollment and complex benefits administration and HR processes.

Our employees are able to make better, more informed decisions.

Tammi Miller, Vice President of Human Resources,
Murray Securus

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