PlanSource Keynote
Hear what innovations are coming your way!
Dayne Williams | CEO

Join PlanSource CEO Dayne Williams as he explores the changing world of HR and benefits and outlines the common purpose that drives us to create a better benefits and HR experience. You’ll get a sneak peek at some of the ground-breaking innovations we have in the works and hear firsthand how our customers are using technology to make a big impact on their businesses and the lives of their employees.


PlanSource Keynote:
Mobile-Friendly Consumer


PlanSource Keynote:
Sally Prather
Marsh & McLennan Agency


Rethinking HR:
The Future of Work and Human Resources

Ryan Estis
Chief Experience Officer
Ryan Estis and Associates

This interactive keynote examines the new opportunity for human resources to make a high-impact contribution to the organization. Ryan explores data, trends and the latest thinking on how we work. He highlights what’s needed for HR to deliver talent strategy, workforce readiness and business performance. This program is approved for HRCI strategic management credit.



Glenn Elliott
Founder and CEO
Reward Gateway

Glenn examines the technological changes that are driving the need for employers to engage with their people. He asks how companies can create customer advocacy if they only have employee satisfaction. He discusses companies that engage their people versus eliminate their people, and he presents his own practical vision for employee engagement – The Engagement Bridge™.


5 Strategies for Developing Highly Successful People

Rusty Lindquist
VP HCM Strategy & Intellectual Property

We live in the most competitive battleground in history, where it’s imperative to maximize the value of human capital. But how do we engage our employees and unleash their greatest potential? Rusty discusses  practical but critical ways we can influence organizational output by changing how we do a few key things, like onboarding, performance reviews, peer feedback, manager 1:1’s and more.


General Session Panel
State of the Market:
HR and Benefits Technology Trends

It’s an exciting time to be in our space! As new regulatory requirements add layers of complexity to an already complex field, new technologies have sprung up to offer a simplified path. Our panel of health care experts, technology gurus and HR and benefits wizards discuss the trends that are shaping our industry and impacting our work.


General Session Panel
Early results on Health Care Exchanges: Good, Bad or Ugly?

Once billed as the biggest trend in health care since the stethoscope warmer, some are beginning to wonder if private exchanges are going to catch on. Our panel of experts examine them from all angles: what they are (and their many definitions), their advantages and disadvantages, and whether they are here to stay or a flash in the pan.


How to Stay Compliant with The Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA)

Steven Jackson
SVP, Strategic Development & Channel Sales

This session provides a comprehensive overview of the various ERISA (Employee Retirement Income Security Act) compliance requirements for employers of all sizes. We’ll cover the benefits and plans that are subject to ERISA, disclosure and annual 5500 reporting requirements that must be followed and other aspects of the law. Ideal for health care insurance brokers, benefit consultants, employers and other health care advisors, this session will give you vital information needed to confidently discuss ERISA compliance with your clients and stakeholders.


Best Practices for HR Technology Implementations

Jaime Ferguson
Senior Service Coordinator
Benefit Technology Resources

Ron Conine
Manager, HR Technology and Outsourcing Practice

A poor implementation often leads to a rocky relationship between clients and partners. While no implementation is ever a slam-dunk, there are many best practices that make it easier to have a successful implementation. From defining the terms of your contract and careful review of items prior to kickoff, to monitoring progress and creating milestones along the way, there are many ways to achieve a successful project and a great working relationship.