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July 16 - 18, 2019

A Total Eclipse of Benefits and HR!

PlanSource Eclipse 2018 may be over, but there is still plenty to do! Take a look at the videos and images below to relive (or experience for the first time) the magic of Eclipse.

PlanSource Keynote
Hear what innovations are coming your way!
Dayne Williams | CEO

Eclipse kicks off with CEO Dayne Williams and special guests, who will guide you through our epic quest to simplify the benefits experience. You’ll get a sneak peek at some of the innovations we have in the works and hear firsthand how our customers are using technology to make a big impact on their businesses and the lives of their employees.

Guest Keynote
Never Quit: A Life Built on Successful Missions
Rob O’Neill

Rob O’Neill served America as a Navy SEAL, team leader, and senior chief petty officer with SEAL Team Six during several of the most challenging military operations of our time. O’Neill will share what he learned during his more than 400 combat missions across four theaters of war and explain how to approach strategic planning when mission failure is not an option. Join one of the legends of our nation’s military as he shares his views on the ingredients to a successful mission: the right people, preparedness, decision making under pressure, and, above all, a commitment to never quit.

Announcements and Demos


Jellyvision Keynote Announcement

Anita Messal
President and COO

Meet ALEX, Jellyvision’s interactive benefits counselor, who will be integrated into the PlanSource benefits administration system in 2019. ALEX uses behavioral science, non-jargony language and humor to engage employees and offer personalized guidance on topics like choosing a health care insurance plan, saving for retirement or navigating a life event. Read more about our partnership with Jellyvision here.


Renewal Self-Service Demo

Don Renyer
Director, Innovation Lab

Our self-service renewal tool simplifies the annual renewal process and gives HR teams much more control over how they set up, configure and implement their employee benefits plans. Launching to select customers in Q4 2018, this new tool builds on years of research and uses smart defaults, artificial intelligence and data-driven metrics from the PlanSource system to drastically simplify the annual renewal process.


HR Experience Demo

Brad Kaloupek
Director of Design and User Experience

At the keynote presentation of Eclipse 2018, we unveiled our new HR experience, which is being completely redesigned to streamline common tasks, consolidate information and create a modern workflow. The new experience will be rolled out in phases starting in December 2018 and running through 2019, giving users the opportunity to gradually become accustomed to the new design and provide feedback.


Aflac Ease

PlanSource and Aflac have partnered through Aflac Ease Solutions to combine our benefits platform and selected services with Aflac’s world-renowned voluntary insurance products. Learn More


The Making of Self-Service Renewal

The annual renewal process is a tedious and time-consuming task. We knew we could improve it and set out to create a tool that would drastically streamline the process and put power in the hands of HR teams that manage the process every year. Hear from the team that built our new tool, which is going to revolutionize the renewal process.

General Sessions

Shots of Success

Ready to be inspired? Come join our all-star panel as they give short, Ted Talk-style toasts to a few innovative companies that have learned the secrets of success and achieved great things.

Employees Own Their Experience: The Journey of a Fortune 60 High-Tech Trailblazer
 Mark Stelzner | Founder/Managing Principal | IA HR

The Benefits of Outsourcing: How Learning Care Group Transformed Employee Benefits
 Jamie Higdon | Director of Compensation and Benefits | Learning Care Group

A Spoonful of Planning Goes a Long Way for Tresse Noire's Workforce
 Janine Truitt | Chief Innovations Officer | Talent Think Innovations

Creative Financing for BrandSafway: Using Voluntary Benefits to Offset the Cost of Technology
 Mark Rieder | Senior Vice President | NFP

Showcasing our Investment in Employees at Johns Hopkins Health System
 Tami Wlajnitz | Program Manager | Johns Hopkins HealthCare LLC

How a Large Hospital System Saved $1.2M by Switching Technology
 Kate Taylor | Vice President | Benefit Technology Resources

The Fear of Ruining Everything Forever: How doubt disrupts decision-making
 Amanda Lannert | Chief Executive Officer | Jellyvision

The Latest Trends in Enrollment and Communication Strategies

 Meredith Ryan-Reid | Senior Vice President | Group Benefits | MetLife
Employees are more sophisticated than ever, are thirsty for information, and are seeking advice to help make educated benefit decisions for themselves and their families. Drawing on results from the latest MetLife Employee Benefit Trends Study, Meredith Ryan-Reid will outline enrollment methodologies and strategies that help employers, their employees, brokers, and carriers achieve their goals while minimizing enrollment challenges.

The Power of “People-First” Technology: How AI Can Help You Understand, Anticipate, and Act to Drive Deep Engagement & Efficiency

 Armen Berjikly | Senior Director of Strategy | Ultimate Software
More than 70% of companies say they have adopted or are piloting Artificial Intelligence and greater than 60% of CEOs believe technology will be their firm’s greatest source of competitive advantage in the next five years. The key to effective AI is not to replace people or automate tasks; it’s to help people purposefully do what they want, but can’t due to restrictions like volume, speed, stamina and unconscious bias. Join Ultimate Software’s Director of Strategy, Armen Berjikly, as he shares the power of “People-First” technology and how it will help you understand and improve the employee experience, get ultra-personalized insights and recommendations, and drive real-time results.

Cheers to the Future

Join us for a look at the not-too-distant future, in which artificial intelligence, machine learning and blockchain have revolutionized the benefits and health care industry as we know it. Our speakers will examine the trends taking hold today and the impact they will have on the lives of tomorrow’s employers and employees.

Exponential Healthcare: How AI, Machine Learning & Exponential Technology Will Affect Your Company Healthcare Spend
 Chris Krusiewicz | Vice President | Burnham Benefits

How Today’s Trends are Shaping Tomorrow’s Benefits and Health Care Reality
 Josh Jeffries | Principal and Charter Member | Arkin Youngentob Associates, LLC, Health Rosetta

Accelerate HR’s Strategy and Reach with Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence
 Brad Mandacina | Vice President, Director, HR Technology | Lockton Companies


Real-World HR: Stories from HR and Benefits Experts

HR and benefits teams play a strategic role in accomplishing corporate goals and are continually being pushed to get the most out of their companies’ resources. Come hear real, behind-the-scenes stories of how prominent HR professionals put a stake in the sand and made a big impact in their organizations with innovative HR and benefits strategies.

 Janine Truitt | Chief Innovations Officer | Talent Think Innovations

 Lizz Rhoads | Senior Global Manager of Benefits | Compassion International

 Stacy Solorio | Senior Director of HR Operations | Atara Biotherapeutics

 Jamie Higdon | Director of Compensation & Benefits | Learning Care Group

12-Minute Compliance Vignettes

There are more laws and regulations governing HR and employment than pimples at a Justin Bieber concert. Yet HR teams and brokers must understand and follow them to avoid costly fines and damage to their company’s brand. We’ve assembled a team of compliance experts to explain the ins and outs of four topics that are topping the compliance charts.

Medical Marijuana, A Highly Important Issue
 Bill Robbinson | Labor and Employment Attorney | Zimmerman, Kiser and Sutcliffe

Beyond Major Medical, Part 1: Keys to HSA Compliance
 Andrew Malahowski | Compliance Counsel | Arthur J. Gallagher

Employees and Their Pesky Social Media
 Kate Bischoff | Attorney and HR Consultant | tHRive Law and Consulting | Employment Law

Beyond Major Medical, Part 2: Keys to Wellness Program Compliance
 Andrew Malahowski | Compliance Counsel | Arthur J. Gallagher

HR and Benefits Strategy

There is a simple truth about why HR has gotten harder: employees expect their experience at work to match what they’ve grown used to as consumers. Buy groceries from your smartphone and pick them up without ever walking down a produce aisle. Almost never deal with paper or printing. Choose your channel, medium and device, all at your preferred time, cadence and need. Then comes the first day on the job at a company, and those expectations of ease and convenience often come crashing down. HR doesn’t have a choice — it’s time to catch up. Anne and Mark will share their decades of experience supporting organizations of all shapes and sizes, keying in on the six critical components necessary to enable and extend the digitization of HR.

The Digitization of HR
 Mark Stelzner | Founder/Managing Principal | IA HR

 Anne Burkett, CEBS, PHR, SHRM-CP | National Practice Leader, HR Technology | USI Insurance Services

Breakout Sessions

Focus on Financial Wellness

Financial wellness and workplace productivity are inextricably linked. When employees are worried about financial issues, it’s difficult for them to be fully engaged at work. In this session, you’ll hear about how to take the stress out of two common financial situations that trouble employees: identity theft and student loan repayment

High-five Inducing Benefits: Student Loan Repayment
 Scott Thompson | CEO | Tuition.IO

Optimizing Financial Wellness through Data-Driven ID Theft Protection
 Scott Hudson | Senior Vice President | ID Watchdog

Talent Acquisition and Development

Today's workforce climate is evolving: the Baby Boomers are beginning to retire, Gen X’ers are hitting the middle of their careers, and Millennials, now the largest generation, are starting their careers. Learn how innovative employers have developed benefit and compensation strategies that allow them to offer what's important to engage their multigenerational workforce and retain top talent.

Engaging and Retaining Top Talent in a Multigenerational Workforce
 Kevin Dawson | Consultant | Arthur J. Gallagher

How Compensation and Benefits Boost the Employee Experience
 Anna Lim | Partner Program Manager | BambooHR

ACA and Employee Benefits

The ACA doesn’t seem to be going anywhere soon. Join Danielle Capilla as she delves into topics that are top of mind regarding the sweeping health care regulation, including association health plans, the conundrum of play or pay, tightening of IRS reporting, benefit design strategies, and common pitfalls for employers navigating the ACA's requirements.

The ACA: Where Are We Now?
 Danielle Capilla | Director of Compliance, Employee Benefits | Alera Group

Workshop — Defining Due Process in the Age of #MeToo

Join Laurie Ruettimann, a twenty-year HR veteran, and Kate Bischoff, an employment law attorney and HR consultant, for a workshop that addresses due process as it pertains to both those claiming sexual harassment and those accused of it. The session will provide tools and clear protocols for how complaints and violations are most efficiently and equitably addressed. They will discuss the protection of employees who file complaints, the role of bystanders in intervening, and employer rights and responsibilities in these cases.

 Laurie Ruettimann | Blogger, HR Consultant, Entrepreneur | LFR

 Kate Bischoff | Attorney and HR Consultant | tHRive Law and Consulting

Behavioral Health

The health and wellness industry does a lot of things exceptionally well. Addressing the behavioral health crisis in our country is not one of them. Effective communication between the healthcare industry and professional clinicians is necessary to inform better care and change the disheartening trends. This presentation will model a conversation between a consultant and a clinician to elicit best practices and helpful takeaways.

Biopsychosocial Consulting: Failure [in communication] is not an option

 Louis Gallucci, GBDS | Partner & VP of Marketing | Enterprise Risk Strategies

 Nora Bond, MA | Human Development Officer | Enterprise Risk Strategies

 Dr. Russell Copelan, MD | CEO | eMED International, Inc. | Formerly, Department of Psychiatry | University of Colorado

Employee Engagement Trends and Experiences

It is well accepted that engaged employees play an essential role in the success of a business. This session will examine the elusive quest for true engagement, the role of technology and highlight two companies’ innovative engagement programs.

The Quest for the Holy Grail of Employee Engagement
 Scott Millson | Founding Principal | MillsonJames

Eldercare in the Workplace
 Stacy Solorio | Senior Director, HR Operations | Atara Biotherapeutics

How Innovative Programs Awaken Engagement
 Michelle Sams | Senior Benefits Administrator | American Enterprise Group

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