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5 Strategies for Developing Highly Successful People (+)We live in the midst of the most competitive economic battleground in history, where it’s imperative to maximize the value of the human capital already available to us. But how do we engage our employees and unleash their greatest potential. In this session we’ll talk about performance inertia, and we’ll discuss a few practical but critical ways we can influence organizational output by changing how we do a few key things, like onboarding, performance reviews, peer feedback, manager 1:1’s and more.

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ACA Eclipsed! Everything you Need to Know About PlanSource ACA (+)In this session, we take a deep dive into the PlanSource ACA solution and review the accomplishments and challenges of the 2015 filing year. We’ll examine what data is required, why it is important, and how the system uses the data and helps you stay compliant. You will learn the difference between ACA expected fulltime and ACA weekly equivalency and gain an understanding of the importance of compiling and loading data including offers of coverage, payroll hours and safe harbor information. In addition, we’ll give a quick preview of improvements that will be introduced for 2016 reporting.

ACA Observations and Next Steps for 2016 and 2017 (+)Got an ACA hangover? You’re not alone. In this session, we will discuss the hangovers that ACA reporting requirements left on us all this year and ways to avoid them in 2017. We’ll examine ways to ensure you meet the 1094 and 1095 reporting deadlines without feeling rushed or panicked and give you some tips on how to manage or replace your ACA reporting technology vendors to make sure your required forms are reported correctly and on time for 2016 and 2017. We’ll also share our predictions on how the ACA reporting technology market will shift over the next few years.

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Best Practices for HR Technology Implementations— HRCI Credit (+)A poor implementation often leads to a rocky relationship between clients and partners. While no implementation is ever a slam-dunk, there are many best practices that make it easier to have a successful implementation. From defining the terms of your contract and careful review of items prior to kickoff, to monitoring progress and creating milestones along the way, there are many ways to achieve a successful project and a great working relationship.

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We Got this. Billing Reconciliation and Payment Services Removes the Worry, Ensures Accuracy (+)Tracking bills from multiple carriers and performing line-by-line comparisons is tedious and time consuming. It’s also easy to miss details like incorrect premiums or retroactive payments. The PlanSource Billing Reconciliation and Payment Service takes the worry out of billing and reconciliation by managing the process from end to end. This session details how the service works – from gathering monthly carrier bills and calculating self-reported totals to handling carrier payments and resolving billing discrepancies – and the benefits of leaving this laborious process to us.

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Bye Bye Paper! Getting to 100% Electronic Payroll (+)Switching from paper checks to 100% electronic payroll with the help of paycards is a great way to eliminate payroll headaches for both employers and employees. This session will cover the many advantages of electronic payroll, including how the practice saves time, reduces overall payroll costs, minimizes risk exposure and eliminates check fraud. It also benefits employees by saving them time and money, gives them a safer alternative to carrying large sums of cash, gives them the freedom of making electronic purchases and payments without the need of a traditional banking relationship.

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Case Study: Grand Rapids Public Schools Saves Big Money with a Dependent Eligibility Audit (+)Do you know if the dependents insured under your benefit plans are truly eligible? Come learn about a great best practice known as a Dependent Eligibility Audit. Since 2007, Next Generation Enrollment has found that 6.2% of their clients’ audited dependents are ineligible for coverage. CEO Bradley Taylor will describe how the service works and what is expected of employees. Lisa Steed, Benefits Supervisor at Grand Rapids Public Schools, will describe the results of the audit and how it was presented within her school district. You will learn how Dependent Eligibility Audits are a great way to reduce stop-loss exposure, eliminate potential ERISA violations, if applicable, and save money on health care, prescription drugs and other benefit plan expenses.

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Changing the World of HCM (+)Many organizations’ HR business practices are manual, paper-based and disconnected from other departments or functions. In recent years, Human Capital Management technology has made great strides, allowing employers to automate the “hire to retire” employee experience with seamlessly connected processes. Another key component, payroll processing, is finally getting the attention it deserves and is being integrated with these other systems. This session will give you a glimpse into the changing world of HCM as we review new technologies and smart features that make hiring, paying and managing employee data feel like it was always meant to be: easy.

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Department of Labor Changes are Coming – Is Your Business Ready? (+)On Wednesday, May 18, 2016, the Department of Labor announced its long-awaited changes to the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) overtime regulations. The changes made by the final rule are the most significant in over a decade, and significantly impact both employees and employers. The final regulations raise the salary levels for “exempt” employees, effectively extending the FLSA’s overtime protections to an estimated 4.2 million additional workers. These changes have the potential to catch companies unaware, and can have a dramatic impact on the bottom line. This session highlights the changes to the current exemptions, and explores key strategies for employers from legal, HR and operations perspectives.

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Disruptive Changes in Health Care Delivery and its Effect on Benefits (+)This session examines new players and innovations in health care delivery that hold promise for increasing affordability.

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Employee Benefits Technology: Trends and Predictions for 2016 and Beyond (+)The growth of SaaS technology offers both great opportunity and great risk for corporate benefits executives and brokers alike. On the opportunity side, it’s possible to increase transparency and empower employees to make better benefits choices for both themselves and their families. On the risk side, data security, conflicts of interest, and even vendor fraud can leave many benefits professionals wondering what’s going on. Steve Smith, a partner at The Starr Conspiracy and a former benefits communications consultant, will offer his perspectives and insights in the current benefits technology scene, as well as share his thoughts on what the future holds.

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The Engagement Bridge (+)Glenn examines the changes that technology has made to business that are driving the need for employers to engage with their people. He asks how companies can create customer advocacy if they only have employee satisfaction. He discusses the opposite approaches of companies that engage their people and companies that eliminate their people and he presents his own practical vision for employee engagement – The Engagement Bridge™.

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Every Two Seconds – Startling Stats About Identity Theft (+)One of the greatest challenges with modern technology is keeping identities safe and secure. According to the Javelin Strategy & Research 2015 Identity Fraud Report, identity theft occurs every two seconds and the average victim spends 330 hours and $9,650 trying to resolve identity theft problems on their own. Additionally, victims of identity theft cost employers $150 billion annually due to decreased productivity and emotional distractions at work. This session will illustrate the growing prevalence of identity theft and the steps people can take to protect themselves. With these tactics in mind, employees will remain protected and, therefore, more productive while at work.

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Finally Closing the Loop on Payroll and Benefits Integration (+)This session showcases an accounting-style payroll billing system that calculates payroll deductions based on employee enrollment dates and effective dates of coverage. This solution addresses the problem of data reconciliation between the benefits and payroll systems when things don’t go as planned, with advanced capabilities such as the retroactive deduction calculations that apply when employees miss a paycheck due to late enrollment or a late life event. Among other things, you will learn how this two-way payroll integration solution imports actual payroll deductions and reconciles employee records, calculating additional deductions and refunds when applicable to finally “close the loop.”

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Finding Benefits in Numbers: Using Data to Drive a Comprehensive Benefits Strategy (+)Employee benefits represent a significant cost for most employers. Find out how employers and benefit advisors are now taking advantage of integrating data analytics to tailor their voluntary benefit programs and generate cost savings based on the benefits employees are most likely to purchase. By simply using census and enrollment data, you can create a more comprehensive benefits strategy resulting in higher employee engagement and benefits satisfaction.

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GuideMe! New On-Demand Training in the PlanSource System (+)Meet GuideMe – Your new embedded training system that will help you become a PlanSource pro and allow you to perform at peak levels by quickly learning how to leverage all the features and capabilities of the PlanSource system. In this session, you will learn how GuideMe augments traditional, in-person training and reduces the learning curve with cutting edge on-demand self-paced training and built-in walk throughs that are embedded directly into your benefits administration software. Come learn all about it and see a live demonstration of GuideMe’s unique self-service training features.

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How to Stay Compliant with The Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) (+)This session provides a comprehensive overview of the various ERISA (Employee Retirement Income Security Act) compliance requirements for employers of all sizes. We’ll cover the benefits and plans that are subject to ERISA, disclosure and annual 5500 reporting requirements that must be followed and other aspects of the law. Ideal for health care insurance brokers, benefit consultants, employers and other health care advisors, this session will give you vital information needed to confidently discuss ERISA compliance with your clients and stakeholders.

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Kick-Ass Digital Communication Strategies for Employees (+)Communicating all year round is an absolute must if you want to optimize the resources you invest in employee benefits. A great benefits communication strategy will expand employees’ understanding of benefits, boost open enrollment numbers and allow employees to make the most of their benefits. Empower employees by implementing a diverse communications strategy that includes a mix of traditional, digital and mobile content to reach employees anywhere, any time. With clear and consistent messaging, organizations that provide stellar resources (video, print, web, text messaging, etc.) will find it easier to attract, engage and retain top talent.

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Mobile Workforce Income Taxation: is Your Company Compliant? (+)As the adoption of mobile technology increases, many companies have employees who work remotely or travel across state lines as part of their jobs. Due to inconsistent laws, standards and requirements of personal income taxation of employee wages, more than half of the states in America require additional taxation for employees living and working in different states. In this session, we will review the state laws in place today, shed some light on pending legislation that could change these requirements and examine some helpful resources and tools to help track and pay wages in a compliant manner.

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PlanSource Employee Self-Service Branding and Customization Options (+)Your company has a unique structure and your people have unique needs. That’s why, with PlanSource, HR teams can customize the shopping and enrollment experience for their employees with their own branding, messaging and content. In this session, you will gain a thorough understanding of all the options that are available, and you’ll get a firsthand look at our new libraries of images, icons and videos that you can use throughout the employee experience.

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What the Future Holds for Voluntary Benefits Integrations(+)Brokers and employers today have high expectations for carrier technology integration. This expectation is redefining how Allstate engages consumers and delivers meaningful solutions. In this interactive session, Donna shares how Allstate Benefits is meeting the needs of today’s customers and driving growth through innovative approaches to broad product and service offerings. You’ll be invited to share your thoughts as Donna explores where the industry is headed and what potential challenges lie ahead as she takes a vigilant step into the future of the market and explores how technology integration and delivery will be critical to continued success.

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What do Millennials Want Out of Benefits? Hint: It’s Not a Gym Membership (+)Generational differences are a challenge. And, considering many organizations currently employ at least three different age groups, it’s not getting easier. Most employers’ benefits packages are traditional and don’t suit the needs of the Millenial generation. So how can employers improve their benefits packages to improve recruiting, retention and more? Ultimate Software’s Travis Burke and Ginny Drinker will share insights and proven strategies to help diversify your benefits offering to attract and retain a talented workforce across generations.

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You and I and the New UI: Test Drive the New PlanSource Employee Enrollment Experience (+)We are creating a new employee user interface and we couldn’t do it without your feedback! As we build the new UI\, we aim to use common online experiences such as online shopping to simplify the complex process of benefits selection and enrollment. During this hands-on interactive session\, we will discuss what today’s consumer expects from a modern enrollment experience and how understanding users’ needs lets us optimize the experience. You will have a chance to be among the first to experience the new UI and give PlanSource team members valuable feedback and input along the way.