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About the Cigna and
PlanSource Partnership

PlanSource and Cigna have partnered to provide you with an industry-leading solution to manage your employee benefits program, and we’re committed to making transitioning from Cigna Guided Solutions to PlanSource as easy as possible for your HR team.


PlanSource Understands Employers


HR Teams

HR teams are often understaffed, and the tech needs of the HR department are often prioritized after other business needs.


Focused on

HR teams are increasingly focused on compliance – from government regulations like ACA and COBRA to internal policies and procedures.


Burdened by
Admin Work

HR is burdened by administrative processes and complex eligibility rules that are unique to their workforce and benefits program.


Challenged by Technology

Employees expect an engaging, mobile-friendly experience for benefits that’s similar to how they shop for anything else.

Features for HR Teams


ACA Measurement and Reporting

Automate the measurement of employee hours and the creation and distribution of 1094-C and 1095-C forms.

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Eligibility Management

Configure your employee groups and benefits, including business rules for waiting periods, coverage options, age restrictions and EOI.



Manage the end-to-end experience from qualification and enrollment to administration and termination.


Cost Calculations

Calculate employee and employer contributions to premiums, and automatically transmit deductions to your payroll system.


Employee Communications

Provide custom communications to specific employees or employee groups during open enrollment or throughout the year.

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Bill Creation and Reconciliation

Generate consolidated self-bills and reconcile carrier-provided bills based upon carrier-specific rules for billing and mid-month changes.

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A Mobile-Friendly Employee Experience

The PlanSource system uses responsive design, which means that employees can enroll in benefits on any device, whether it is on a laptop, tablet or phone. And unlike a mobile app (we have one of those too!) that consumers have to download, the site will simply adapt and look great on any size screen.

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Employee-Friendly Features

Employee Shopping

We guide employees through the process so that they can shop for benefits the same way they shop for other products online.

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Educational Content

Customize each page of the benefits shopping experience with just the right educational content and messaging.

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Personalized Plan Recommendations

Help your employees understand their “best match” plans based on their preferences and expected usage (doctor visits, drugs, etc.).

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Integrated EOI Process

When employees enroll in a benefit that requires Evidence of Insurability, they won’t need to complete any separate paperwork.


Life Event Changes

Automatically enforce your rules for life events as your employees get married, grow their families, or lose coverage throughout the year.

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Spanish Language Support

Engage with your Hispanic employee population by providing a user- friendly benefits shopping and enrollment experience in Spanish.

How Can the Employee Contact Center Help?

Let’s face it - navigating the health care system is complex, with multiple parties involved, so it’s no surprise that employees need help. That’s why we believe that one of the most important things we do at PlanSource is to provide an employee contact center. While the PlanSource system is simple and intuitive to use, some employees may still need help getting logged in or making their selections. Your employees can reach out to us via phone or chat and we’ll take care of it!


Grand Rapids, Michigan
Salt Lake City, Utah


8 AM to 11 PM ET
Monday - Friday

  • 100% of inbound and outbound calls are recorded
  • English and Spanish-speaking representatives
  • Translation services offered for 180+ languages

How Employees Get in Touch 

By email

By phone

By chat


Cigna and
PlanSource Collateral

Learn how PlanSource and Cigna work together to provide employers the technology they need for the best benefits experience

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Listen to a webinar to learn more about PlanSource benefits technology and how we can provide a smooth transition from Cigna Guided Solutions

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Download a PDF of the slides from the informational webinar so you can view them at your convenience or share them with your HR team

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See why PlanSource believes the best way to build a better benefits experience is by combining best-in-class software with high-touch benefit services

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Demo Videos

New Hire Experience

See how PlanSource helps new employees get off to a good start with a simple and intuitive benefits enrollment process.

Open Enrollment Experience

Open Enrollment is the Super Bowl of Benefits! See how PlanSource guides employees through the shopping and enrollment process.

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