PlanSource Brand Guide

PlanSource Logo




Gray (PMS Cool Gray 10 C)






Other Versions of the Logo


PlanSource Logo



Gray (Cool Gray 10 C)
If reproduction is limited to a single color, use this version


If reproduction is limited to black and white, use this version


If it is necessary to place the logo over a dark background, use this version.


Logo Usage

Do not place our logo over backgrounds that could compromise contrast and readability.

Do not apply the PlanSource Orange to the entire logo.

Do not resize the eclipse within the logo.

Do not replace the eclipse with a regular "O" within the logo.

Do not apply a glow to the eclipse in the logo.

Do not remove the registration mark in the right-hand corner.

Do not outline all or part of the logo.

Do not use unauthorized logo colors.

Do not reverse the colors within the logo.

Do not stretch the logo.

Do not skew the logo.

Do not use a low resolution of the logo.



Logo Margins


Nothing should be within the red area,
which is equal to the bowl of the upper case P in the PlanSource Logo.



Logo Elements


Primary Color

PlanSource Cool Gray
Pantone Cool Gray 10
c.0 m.0 y.0 k.75
r.100 g.101 b.105

Secondary Color

PlanSource Orange
Pantone 1585 C

c.0 m.71 y.100 k.0
r.225 g.108 b.12

Logo Mark

Sometimes we need to feature our logo in a small square or circle for partners or social media. In this case, we prefer to feature just the eclipse to not compromise the readability of the logo.