How well do you know Equifax?

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Did you know that PlanSource HCM’s partner, Equifax, offers many great tax and compliance tools? These services include things like tax account registration services for withholding and SUTA accounts for all states, as well as account closure and company name changes. Other services include an integrated solution with The Work Number for employment verification as well as unemployment claims management and verification.

And if your organization been involved in a merger/acquisition or had other company structure changes, our partner Equifax offers specialized expertise and services to help mitigate risks and ensure complete compliance as it relates to employment and tax requirements. These services are often offered at a lower rate than you might pay to an attorney for the same services. Once you have discussed your compliance needs with Equifax experts, the HCM team can assist you on making the appropriate system changes to accommodate the recommended setup.

For additional information on these and other partner services, please contact your HCM service team at 407-447-3837 or

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