HR Hacks: 5 Ways To Ease The Burden On Your Department Through Tech

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Whether you are ready to transition from paper to digital for the first time or you are simply ready to upgrade to a more modern human capital management solution, evaluating your HR processes and solutions on a regular basis is a business best practice.

Is there a better way to complete your day-to-day routine? Are there tasks that can be automated? Would investing in a software solution save more money over time than manual processes?

These are all questions your team should be evaluating on a regular basis.

If you’re considering a new tech solution for 2019, keep in mind the various ways that you can ease the burden on your HR department.

Benefits Enrollment

Manual benefits enrollment is a huge hassle. Even antiquated enrollment software can be a burden during a tight enrollment window. Investing in a modern benefits enrollment experience will not only make your life easier but also be a worthwhile upgrade for your entire workforce.

Remember, open enrollment isn’t just a task for HR. Your entire workforce has to participate in one way or another, and the more difficult that process is for your employees the more work your HR team will have answering questions, providing support, troubleshooting technical problems, etc.

Decision Support

Empower your employees to make better benefits choices through a strategic decision support tool. Not only can decision support help your workforce feel more confident about their benefits decisions, but it can also help your organization and your employees save money through better education and recommendations.

decision support tool employee benefits

Sure, hosting benefits meetings and having an ‘open door’ policy for questions and concerns is a great way to connect with employees. However, your HR department might not have the capacity to give each employee the time they need to truly understand their benefits. And, some employees might not have the time to really research and understand all of their benefits options. Mitigate this concern and help employees make better benefit decisions with a robust decision support solution.


Easy to overlook, compliance doesn’t always take center stage on HR’s priority list, but this essential ongoing function is critical to running a business.

Non-compliance with important HR regulations, like COBRA, ACA and ERISA, can be costly— even devastating—for organizations. Even a single error or mistake can wreak havoc on the overall productivity and financial state of a business.

Traditionally, compliance has relied heavily on paperwork like tax forms, health forms, employee handbooks, etc. Now, however, all of this data can be collected, organized and stored digitally, enabling quick auditing and retrieval when needed.

Having a digital solution in place also automates reporting and has built-in checks in place to ensure a smooth and easy compliance process.


We already mentioned automation with compliance, but a robust HCM software solution can automate so much more than ACA and other regulatory concerns.  

But what exactly can be automated?

Payroll, time management, recruiting, employee onboarding, records management, benefits enrollment, evaluations and tax forms are just a few specific examples of manual HR headaches that can easily be eliminated by investing in an HR software platform.

Employee Empowerment

Human Resources tasks aren’t just limited to the HR department—company employees often need to interact with or complete requests from HR. Empowering employees with a great HR software experience will save time during the day and expedite repetitive tasks.

A few ways HR tech can make employees’ lives easier include PTO requests and time tracking, completing employee onboarding and essential job training, expediting review paperwork or workplace surveys and annual benefits enrollment—to name just a few.

Ready To Enhance Your HR Experience?

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