Top Benefits Administration Webinars of 2018

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2018 has been a busy year, with important updates to health care legislation, exciting new benefits companies coming to market and interesting industry shifts.

Take a peek at our top benefits administration and human resources blogs and catch up on the greatest stories and tips from 2018.

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1.) Celebrate Open Enrollment

Open enrollment can feel like a huge final exam for benefits and HR professionals – months of research, planning and hard work designing your benefits program is on display. There is a lot to manage and prepare for, but with the right plan, you can transform this stressful time of year into the crown jewel of your team’s hard work and showcase your creative benefits strategy.

(ps – download our Open Enrollment Planning Playbook for a play-by-play of how to plan, execute and measure your open enrollment!) 

The Affordable Care Act doesn’t seem to be going anywhere soon. And as long as it is the law of the land, employers must follow its requirements. Join Danielle Capilla, Director of Compliance and Employee Benefits at the Alera Group, as she delves into topics and new rules that are often-overlooked regarding the sweeping health care regulation and its interplay with older, existing regulations.

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3.) Exponential Health Care: How machine learning, AI, and blockchain will affect your healthcare spend and your employees

New technologies are poised to fundamentally change the HR industry as we know it. Just as the smartphone revolutionized the way we communicate, machine learning, artificial intelligence and blockchain will reshape all areas of HR, from employee onboarding to learning management to developing top talent. And, similar to smartphones, these changes will take place at lightning speed.

In this webinar, we will explore ways in which HR managers can ensure that they are using any given social media platform successfully to improve current employee engagement, improved benefits enrollment, and continue to recruit top talent. It’s increasingly important that HR managers familiarize themselves with the social media options available to them, understand how to choose the most appropriate platforms for their company, and keep abreast of the future trends.

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5.) Mobile Friendly Benefits Technology

In this webinar, we discuss the role that mobile devices play in the benefits and HR world. It’s key for any consumer-facing website to be mobile responsive, and it’s increasingly important for HR administrators to implement mobile enrollment and text messaging into their strategic benefits program. Increase employee engagement with features like sending text messages that allow employees to enroll, make changes to their benefits and access important information right from their mobile device.

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