Top Benefits Administration Blogs of 2018—Your Official “Must Read” List

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2018 has been a busy year, with important updates to health care legislation, exciting new benefits companies coming to market and interesting industry shifts.

Take a peek at our top benefits administration and human resources blogs and catch up on the greatest stories and tips from 2018.

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1.) IRS Extends 1095-C Deadline

Our most popular story covered an important ACA deadline that was extended by the IRS. Short, sweet and to the point—you can count on PlanSource to be on top of the latest industry announcements.

(ps – the deadline has already been extended for 2019, see our ACA blog for details.)

Student loan repayment assistance was a hot topic in 2018, with many employers beginning to add this premium perks to benefits offerings. But what exactly does student loan assistance entail, and does it actually work? We explore these questions, in more, in this ‘101 style’ crash course.

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3.) Health & Wellness Perks Employees Actually Want

Encouraging a healthy workforce is not only great for employees but also a proven method of lowering long-term health care costs within organizations. But what health and wellness programs do employees actually want, and what will drive engagement? Find out in our health and wellness overview.

News on the New York Paid Family Leave mandate might have cracked in 2017, but 2018 left many employers and employees scrambling for information about the new regulation and requirements. Our blog on the topic outlines everything organizations need to know to stay compliant.

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5.) Recruit Top Talent With

Not one but two student loan repayment assistance blogs cracked the top 5! In this article, we highlight one of our partners,, on their repayment assistance platform, explore why the benefit is relevant in the first place, review how the repayment program with works and overview a few best practices when considering student loan repayment as an employee perk.

Insurance brokers weren’t left in the dust this year as we rolled out several new broker-centric content initiatives. One of our shifts is to help brokers expand their book of business through strategic marketing and demand generation, and that’s exactly what we do in this post about marketing best practices for insurance brokers.

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7.) Mobile-Friendly Benefits Tech Strategies

By 2018, most working professionals have heard of the phrase “mobile-friendly” or “mobile-first”. It’s no secret that people spend a majority of their web time on mobile devices. It’s also no secret that the benefits technology industry has been slow to adopt this “mobile-first” mindset—but that doesn’t have to be the case. See top mobile strategies for benefits administration in this helpful post.

When’s the last time you evaluated your employee benefits strategy? Start off the new year on a high note with a total benefits refresh. In this deep-dive, we explore six ways HR departments can improve and innovate their employee benefits strategy.

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9.) Surprising Trends In Employee Engagement

Sometimes, we perform research internally to support our content on industry news and trends. Other times, we reach out to industry professionals across the nation to get their take on a particular topic or issue. That’s exactly what we did in this post on the top trends in employee engagement.

Student loan repayment and career coaching and retirement savings optimization – oh my! 2018 was an exciting year for employee benefits as new companies launched and disrupted the ancillary offerings market. Take a look at the top new benefits companies to watch in 2018.

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