The Source: Weekly Roundup – October 1, 2018

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Welcome to The Source, your one-stop-shop for the latest and greatest HR and benefits news. Our weekly publication highlight this week’s top stories in human resources, benefits administration, insurance, legislation and more to make sure you can stay on top of industry trends and changes. Start off your week on a high note with The Source!

In this week’s edition, we cover best practices for managing a remote workforce, using tech to keep employees engaged in financial wellness programs, and several takes on open enrollment in 2018. 

Technology Helping Americans Feel More Prepared for Open Enrollment

How prepared is your workforce for open enrollment? Well, good news. A recent study indicates that 77% of Americans with health benefits feel ready for open enrollment, which is up 5% from last year. Additionally, most respondents expressed interest in using technology to access both health care information and care solutions. Get the scoop on how technology is improving open enrollment from BenefitsPRO.

Alexa, The Benefits Broker: How Advisors Can Survive The Rise of AI

Could digital assistants eventually take the place of a benefits advisor? Though advancements in technology and artificial intelligence are certainly present in the benefits space, like with decision support tools, the role of a true advisor is likely not going anywhere anytime soon. Rather, technology as a tool will continue to advance ways for HR teams to get smarter and savvier with how they manage their teams and programs. 

computer screen with AI code

However, this does mean that advisors need to be on their toes when it comes to keeping up with the latest technology applications. Read more on Employee Benefit News.

Using Technology To Keep Employees Engaged In Your Financial Wellness Program

Unless your workforce also happens to be full-time financial advisors, it can be challenging to educate and engage employees on the importance of financial wellness. However, with a few easy-to-access and simple-to-use tools and the application of behavioral science, steering employees in the right direction has never been easier. See how you can integrate technology into your financial wellness programs and help employees take charge of their financial futures with these tips from MetLife.

Best Practices for Managing Remote Workers

Whether you manage a handful of remote employees or you are a remote-exclusive organization, keeping your workforce actively engaged is critical. Though offering remote work opportunities is a growing trend with clear benefits, managing a remote team does come with its own set of unique challenges. Learn how to effectively and efficiently manage a remote team with this guide from BambooHR.

managing remote workers

How To Communicate Like An All-Star This Open Enrollment Season

Embrace open enrollment like a true rockstar this season with an all-star communications plan. Not only will having a clear communications plan make your life exponentially easier during what is inarguably the most stressful time of year, but it will also help put your employees at ease while they make some of the most important personal and financial decisions of the year. But don’t take our word for it – check out these free open enrollment communication tips from the Marsh & McLennan Blog.

This Week At PlanSource: Celebrate OE

Open enrollment is just around the corner – do you have a plan in place for a winning season? Check out our FREE open enrollment playbook for a complete play-by-play of how to plan, execute and measure your OE!

Open Enrollment Planning Playbook by PlanSource

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