The Source: Weekly Roundup – November 19th, 2018

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Welcome to The Source, your one-stop-shop for the latest and greatest HR and benefits news. Our weekly publication highlights this week’s top stories in human resources, benefits administration, insurance, legislation and more to make sure you can stay on top of industry trends and changes. Start off your week on a high note with The Source!

In this week’s edition, we review 15 employee benefits that are on the rise, Cigna’s new mental health benefits package, how large employers are joining forces to improve paid leave and much more! 

15 Employee Benefits On The Rise

Casual dress code may not sound like an employee benefit *until* you talk to someone who has been wearing a suit and tie for years in their career. Casual dress benefits, telecommuting, lactation rooms, standing desks and more are all some of the top 15 benefits on the rise. Check out the rest from Employee Benefit News.

The Key To Navigating The New World Of Benefits: Communication

Brokers and HR departments need open communication now more than ever when navigating the difficult world of benefits technology. Both sides need to be smart and savvy consumers of technology, with someone on the team who understands what they’re looking at, and it’s going to involve getting out of the comfort zone a little bit. Read more from Benefits Pro.

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Cigna Adds Mental Health Apps To Its Benefits Package

Digital platforms for mental health? Yes, it’s a thing! Cigna has joined the ranks of employers looking to prioritize mental health benefits as an essential part of their benefits package. They’re using programs based on the best practices of gaming science and various behavioral therapeutic disciplines to deliver personalized support for mental well-being. Read more from Employee Benefit News.

Large Employers Are Joining Forces To Improve Paid Leave Policies

Companies like Amazon, Aon, Cigna, Dell, Facebook, General Electric, General Mills, PepsiCo, Prudential, Unum and Willis Towers Watson are joining forces with the National Business Group on Health to launch the “Leave Optimization Forum”, which aims to look for solutions that will enhance leave management programs to better meet the needs of a diverse and changing workforce. Read more from Employee Benefit News.

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This Week in PlanSource: Vote for Us!

Social media and human resources may not seem like a match made in heaven, but with the right strategy it can be a useful tool for employee communications. Our blog “The Dos and Don’ts of Social Media for HR” is a finalist in the Human Resources Today MVP Awards for Talent Acquisition! Take a look and vote for us!

The Gift That Keeps on Giving: Total Compensation Statements

This holiday season, give your organization (and yourself) the gift of increased employee engagement and productivity with online total compensation statements.

Join us for a free webinar Wednesday, November 28 at 1pm ET with Michael Zaucha, President and COO at Brain Power Software, and Jessica Foust, Communications and Marketing Director at PlanSource, in which they’ll discuss how online total compensation statements give companies the chance to tout all the benefits programs they provide that many employees may not be aware of and explain the more intangible but still important benefits you offer.

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