The Source: Weekly Roundup – November 11th, 2019

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In this week's edition, we explore how to enhance mental health benefits in 2020, tips for boosting employee engagement, how to support remote workers and more! Click To Tweet

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The Disturbing New Findings About Discrimination at Work

Sixty-one percent, or about three in five employees responding to a Glassdoor survey, reported they have either witnessed or experienced discrimination involving age, race, gender or LGBTQ identity in the workplace.

“This survey is really shining a light on this issue,” says Carina Cortez, chief people officer at Glassdoor, a global job and recruiting site. “This is a wakeup call for employers and managers, leaders and employees, that we need to do something about it.”

Read more on the report findings on HR Executive. 

Employers Enhance Emotional and Mental Health Benefits for 2020

During the fall open-enrollment season, many employees will find that their companies have spruced up their well-being benefits, such as by offering programs that help workers monitor and reduce their stress levels, providing apps to support sleep and relaxation, and holding workshops on emotional resilience.

mental health yoga benefits

Addressing employees’ emotional health and well-being can also mean providing onsite yoga, meditation and mindfulness sessions, and much more. Get the scoop on this year’s most popular offerings on SHRM

2020 Vision: Avoiding Political Pitfalls in the Year to Come

Public speaking can be a valuable way for brokers to build their reputation and recognition as thought leaders in the community. It also can be a potential landmine in these politically charged times. With the 2020 election year just around the corner, several brokers from across the nation shared their insights into managing political discussions and how to keep politics from interfering with sound recommendations. Check it out on BenefitsPRO.

Are You Supporting Your Remote Employees?

According to a worldwide study, approximately 70 percent of global employees worked remotely at least once a week in 2018, while 53 percent telecommuted closer to half the week. As telecommuting acceptance and the number of remote employees continues to balloon, employers must learn to appreciate the significant value remote employees bring and support their unique needs.

remote employee working from home

If you have ever worked from home, then you know how it feels when you are truly supported as a remote employee—and how it feels when you aren’t. Learn how to better support your remote workers with these tips from Ultimate Software

Talent Acquisition vs. Recruitment: Key Differences and Similarities

They sound like different terms for the same process, and to some extent they are, but recruitment and talent acquisition (TA) also have some key differences. Simply knowing the difference between these two processes can help you make better hiring decisions. Here’s everything you need to know about talent acquisition vs. recruitment, via HR Technologist.

Strategies for Communicating With All Five Generations in the Workforce

The age gap in today’s workforce is getting increasingly wide. Just look at the Democratic primary for the nation’s highest office.

With Pete Buttigieg, 37, and Sen. Bernie Sanders, 78, running for president, the age range of the job applicants for the biggest job in the U.S. now spans four decades. There are also more workers over 85 working than ever before, according to Labor Department and U.S. Census Bureau data.

millennials workplace diversity

Learn how HR can craft strategies to effectively communicate with a diverse workforce on Employee Benefit News

This Week at PlanSource: Simplify ACA Reporting

If you find yourself wishing you could snap your fingers and get all your Affordable Care Act reporting done, don’t worry. We have a complete ACA reporting solution that will make the process just as easy.

PlanSource’s end-to-end ACA service gives you a complete solution for measurement, eligibility management and IRS reporting – and we’ll even print and mail your 1095-C forms!

ACA Fulfillment service gives you a hands-free and secure way to distribute your 1095-C forms. For only $2.50 per form, we’ll handle all of the printing and mailing, so you can move on to more strategic items on your to-do list.

This offer is available for PlanSource ACA customers until November 15th, so don’t wait until it’s too late! Learn more and sign up here.

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Thought Of The Week

59% of employees say that health and wellness benefits are important for increasing loyalty to their employer. – MetLife 2018

What are you doing to put wellness programs front and center in 2020?

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