The Source: Weekly Roundup – December 31st, 2018

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Thought Of The Week

“Each year’s regrets are envelopes in which messages of hope are found for the new year.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

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Happy almost New Year! In this week's edition, we examine consequences of the government shutdown, strategies for addressing the high costs of health care in the U.S. and much more! Click To Tweet

How the Partial Government Shutdown will Affect Health Care

“Government shutdown” is an alarming phrase, so it’s important to understand how it’s affecting key federal agencies like the FDA. As the government shutdown persists into the new year, 41% of the FDA will be furloughed, but there is a contingency plan in place to continue specific activities related to prescription drugs, medical devices, and existing critical public health challenges. Read more in a report from AJMC.

Average Price of an Outpatient Visit in the U.S. is $500

Guess what the average in-patient visit is: a cool $22k. The average cost of care in the U.S. dwarfs that of other developed countries, according to new research conducted by the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation. They also found both overutilization and underutilization of services among inpatient and outpatient facilities. Check out a summary of the report on BenefitsPro.

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Hospitals will be Required to Post all Prices Online Starting January 1

In an attempt to create better price transparency at hospitals and encourage better educated decision-making among patients, a new law will require hospitals to post prices for procedures online starting January 1, 2019. Some health care advocates think this new requirement will be confusing to consumers, because there is often a huge difference between what patients pay and what the “retail price” of care is. Get the full scoop from NBC here.

Employers are Increasing their Promotion Budgets for 2019

Voluntary turnover is at an all-time high; employers can no longer afford NOT to give raises this year. The number one reason that employees leave their jobs is a stagnant salary, so companies are setting aside more funds this year for promotions to prevent employees from looking elsewhere. 


Read more details about the new Mercer survey in Employee Benefit News.

Avoid “Wellness Fatigue” This Year

Wellness programs as a part of companies’ benefits offering are no longer a shiny new trend, and have started to transform into a whole new approach to benefits. Companies are invested in taking care of the WHOLE employee, improving physical and mental health and positively impacting performance and productivity. But what wellness strategies have been proven to be effective and make an impact?

Find out in this blog post from One Digital.

This Week in PlanSource | 4 Marketing Tactics Brokers and Consultants Should Try in 2019

After a busy fourth quarter and enrollment season, it can be challenging to jumpstart the year. We’ve created a shortcut for you in your 2019 marketing planning: here are the top marketing tactics to fuel your growth in 2019, taken straight from the lessons we’ve learned this year in demand generation.

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