The Source: Weekly Roundup – April 15th, 2019

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Welcome to The Source, your one-stop-shop for the latest and greatest HR and benefits news. Our weekly publication highlights this week’s top stories in human resources, benefits administration, insurance, legislation and more to make sure you can stay on top of industry trends and changes. Start off your week on a high note with The Source!

In this week's edition, we discuss important employment law updates that you should be watching, how to use social media for recruiting, the new trend of 'adulting' benefits and more! Click To Tweet

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To Prioritize Retirement Saving May Not Be Best for All Workers

If you’re encouraging all of your employees to put as much as they can into their defined contribution (DC) plan, you may be causing more harm than good. The fact is, the DC option might not be the best place for many of your employees to put their discretionary income, especially if they don’t have an emergency fund or they’re up to their eyeballs in high-interest debt. Learn how you can help employees set appropriate financial goals in this Plansponsor interview with Jellyvision.

Alexa, can you spell HIPAA? What Amazon’s Health Tech Update Means For Employers

Amazon’s Alexa is now able to answer employees’ healthcare questions — a move that has the potential to lower the cost of care by improving employee education and compliance, experts say. And that may only be the beginning.


Top company executives and benefits experts say Alexa’s evolving capabilities could lead to more tailored benefit guidance for employees and even greater efficiencies for HSA and FSA accounts down the road. See what’s in store for the future of health care and technology in this Employee Benefit Adviser review.

Here Are The Employment Law Proposals You Should Be Watching

It seems like there’s a new health care reform proposal introduced in Congress every day. It’s enough to make one forget that our lawmakers have eyes for anything but health care. But numerous actions in Congress are providing plenty of fodder for discussion about employment and labor issues, too. Take a look at the employment law bills that readers should track since the changes they propose could have broad effects.

‘Adulting’ Benefits: Employers’ New Solution To Burned-Out Employees

In a time when globetrotting Gen Z and Postmates-loving millennials are expected to make up 50% of the workforce by 2020, could benefits that help with “adulting” be the next big trend? Although millennials and Gen Z are well into adulthood, the struggle for them to accomplish day-to-day life management tasks is very real.


Can convenience benefits — such as onsite errand runners — help with this problem? Decide for yourself as Employee Benefit News explores this new trend.  

How AI Pre-Employment Assessments Can Help You Hire Better

As a recruiter, you know it’s impossible to evaluate a candidate’s entire career from two sides of a paper. Traditional resumes also make it difficult to assess a candidate’s personality and resumes are painfully easy to fudge and fluff. And yet, resumes are the first thing employers ask for when assessing potential candidates. Could AI be the answer HR has been waiting for? See how emerging tech is helping recruiters and hiring managers identify top talent in this HR Technologist assessment.

3 Social Media Secrets to Supercharge Recruiting

Social media has become a normal part of modern culture, with the average person spending over 2 hours per day on various social platforms. While social media was once viewed as a workplace distraction, more companies are changing their views on social media. Instead, teams are embracing social media as a powerful communication tool—and it’s about time.

social media

According to recent Glassdoor research, 79% of job seekers use social media during the job search process. More than just a marketing tool, the secret is officially out! See how savvy HR teams are using social media to recruit and land top talent.

This Week in PlanSource | Meet Your New Teammate, Alex [Webinar]

2019 is flying by, and open enrollment will be here before you know it. Now’s the time to set your team up for success – to finalize your benefits strategy, lay out your employee communications plan, and ensure you have everything you need for the best OE ever.

Brian Philips of PlanSource and Taylor Clausen of Jellyvision are teaming up to help you plan and execute a flawless open enrollment. Join us Tuesday, April 23 at 2 pm ET for a free HRCI- and SHRM-approved webinar about employment law changes and how they will affect your business.

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83% of employees spend less than an hour researching their open enrollment options. – 2017 Aflac WorkForces Report

How are you helping employees easily understand their benefits?

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