The Source – Krista Manning and Tim O’Connor from Voya Financial | June 22, 2020

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Situations like the one we are going through require adaptations, rethinking, innovation and teamwork. So what can benefits technology do to make life easier for employees? The Voya Employee Benefits Enrollment Team provided some insight. This week on The Source, we talked with Krista Manning, AVP of Employee Benefits Enrollment and Tim O’Connor, Director of Partner Engagement.

Due to the pandemic, majority of employees are now working from home when they typically would not before. Going forward, Krista and Tim agree that there will not be as many people returning to the office. This new remote work status has made companies rely on technology more than ever. So how does this affect enrollment?

Well, this year it is predicted that more companies will take the leap into a benefits technology solution who had been sitting on the fence before. Technology has allowed company functions to continue on without a hitch.

Post Covid, enrollment professionals are starting to receive more and more questions about benefits. Employees are paying attention to what they are using and what they are paying for. It has been shown that around 90% of employees don’t truly understand their benefits or know if they are even eligible. From juggling homeschooling, unemployment, or adjusting to a work from home status, employees need help

Tim O’Connor explains, “There’s so much that people have going on right now, I think the more we can do as an insurance company to leverage technology to make sure we are able to connect with those who are enrolled in our products, to understand their benefits and how to use them, that will show true value right now.” 

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