Reform Junction – Q&A for Health Reform

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Need specific answers on Reform?

Are you constantly receiving alerts or solicitations that simply restate the PPACA bill but fail to answer your pertinent questions?

Do you have specific questions on how you or your client’s business really will be affected on a day-to-day basis?

Join the Dialogue at Reform Junction

PlanSource is proud to announce that it is facilitating a new ‘community’ dialogue site for brokers, employers, and other HR/Benefits professionals to collaborate and collectively help one another through the health care reform issues facing all of us. Through collaborative discussion within the broker community, Reform Junction provides clear answers to your questions. No heated political debates, no complicated explanations, just focused responses to questions from people who share your priorities. To get involved, and propose a questionor help us all out and provide insight to your peers.

Spread the word…..

Feel free to forward this email on toother brokers, clients, or industry professionals that you think may benefit from the conversation at Reform Junction. The more participants that join in, the more robust the conversations can be, so help us in spreading the word.

PlanSource Stands Reform Ready

More than regurgitation of the law…real solutions for your clients

In addition to facilitating a discussion platform for collaboration on health care reform, PlanSource is proud to announce its reform-ready tools that you can effectively use to ease the fears of your clients and prospects and allow them to successfully navigate the phased changes that will occur from 2010 to 2018.

PlanSource will provide the tools you need to guide your clients through the myriad of health care reform laws and, in turn, firmly establish your agency as a true value-added entity in health care purchasing. Over the coming months, we will be releasing information that will allow your agency to:

  • Provide tools to allow your client’s to properly comply with new regulations like the reporting of health premium contributions on W-2’s beginning in 2011 along with the management of many other compliance concerns;
  • Show how your agency can leverage our services to generate revenues off of the 30+ million new health care enrollees;
  • Diversify your revenues by cross-selling Payroll services with our HRHQ product

Watch for an invitation to sign up for our upcoming webinar that will demonstrate why you need PlanSource as your health care reform partner.

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