Product Announcement: New Additions to the ACA Feature Set of the PlanSource Platform

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By Jamie P. Walker, Vice President of Product and Consumer Engagement at PlanSource

We are excited to announce new additions to our ACA solution!

As the Affordable Care Act (ACA) continues to phase in over the next few years, employers will face a number of new regulatory and compliance requirements, as well as nuts and bolts challenges around implementation of these new health plans. Administering these new plans while ensuring compliance requires an unprecedented level of communication, record keeping and reporting which has saddled employers with the burden of carrying a whole new backpack of responsibilities.

We recognize the administrative burden that employers are now dealing with and have designed a flexible ACA solution that is scalable for organizations from 50 to 100,000+ employees. This solution is integrated into our cloud-based health exchange and benefits engagement platform so that using it becomes a natural part of an HR manager’s daily workflow and communication processes.

We are here to help solve an urgent and pervasive problem now with technology that will grow and endure as this ACA landscape continues to morph and change along the way.

Check out how this flexible solution can empower you!