PlanSource Featured On The Tech Life Podcast

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Though PlanSource is headquartered in sunny Orlando, Florida, the marketing engine that fuels the company’s growth is actually located in a remote office in beautiful Charleston, South Carolina. The enthusiastic team is led by Nancy Sansom, a fearless tech leader with 20+ years of marketing experience.

Neil Mammele, Director of Demand Generation at PlanSource

Neil Mammele, The PlanSource Director of Demand Generation, was interviewed on a recent episode of The Tech Life Podcast, a local Charleston show that explores the booming tech community, which has earned the affectionate moniker ‘Silicon Harbor’.

Rich Conte, the podcast’s host and local tech guru, and Neil talked about recent growth at PlanSource, recapped year three of the PlanSource Eclipse conference, and chatted about the Charleston tech community.

Listen to the full podcast episode below and see more episodes at You can also check out the 2016 episode where PlanSource was originally featured.

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