Make Onboarding a Snap

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By Heather Raper
Getting new employees off to a good start is vital to growing your business, and a big part of this onboarding process involves gathering all the information necessary to complete new hire paperwork. Without a web-based hiring software solution in place to automate the onboarding process, manual paperwork can lead to numerous challenges.

That is why we are pleased to launch a new tool that makes onboarding a snap! Our paperless software solution focuses on a very simple, yet powerful premise: enter once, populate many. We accomplish this by using a wizard-style employee data form to collect the information necessary for your organization’s unique and regulatory needs. The answers are then automatically overlaid onto the appropriate forms. The result? All employee documentation is completed perfectly and presented in their native formats for electronic signature where they can be accessed later. Furthermore, the data is updated into all of your HR systems including HCM, Time and Labor, Benefits, Performance and more.

Gone are the days of deciphering illegible handwriting, chasing down missing forms and running out of space in your overflowing filing cabinets! And to make the system even better, we have made a real-time API available, which means that the information is accessible instantly across all HR systems.  

Easy E-Verify
Our onboarding tool seamlessly integrates the E-Verify process into your new-hire workflow. E-Verify works by comparing the information on the Employment Eligibility Verification Form I-9 to the information stored in government records. When the information provided matches the government’s information, the verification process is complete, confirming the individual’s identity and allowing one to progress to later stages of the onboarding process. With an integrated E-Verify process, employees are required to complete E-Verify successfully in order to proceed with onboarding. 

Contact our HCM guru Amber Scoville ( for more information about our onboarding and E-Verify tool.

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