Make GuideMe Your New Best Friend!

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By Bill Fryman

You have probably noticed the orange tab on the right side of the PlanSource admin interface.

That’s GuideMe, and it can be your best friend. GuideMe is a learning platform with on-demand training and self-paced walkthroughs that appears as a constant, unobtrusive tab and offers field-level help, feature notifications, search tools, videos and other resources.

GuideMe helps people get help right when they need it – and it can actually walk admins through the task that they need to complete. This is especially helpful when there is turnover on the HR or broker team that uses PlanSource, and it’s also helpful with those tasks that you only do every now and then, so it’s likely that you need someone to guide you through it. Like a software Sherpa, GuideMe takes you right to where you want to go, using an incredibly fast software engine to find the answers you need, when you need them.

GuideMe can help you with a number of everyday processes like adding a life event for an employee or pulling a report. In addition it offers enhanced communication through shout-out notifications as soon as you log in to help you stay aware of deadlines, upcoming requirements, and new features. Some other topics to keep an eye out for include:

  • Complications with ACA
  • Renewal Wizard how-tos
  • Implementation setup help

You can see more of GuideMe right in the admin interface of your PlanSource system. Check it out there, or get a brief overview in this video.

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