Do you know your 2017 Federal Banking Holidays?

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By Kelly Sprekelmeyer
Bank holidays may require you to complete your payroll early or even move your regularly scheduled pay dates. You can review Federal Banking Holidays on the Federal Reserve website:

If you currently draw your pay checks or DDA’s from our PlanSource bank account, you are subject to fees such as stop payments, DDA account corrections, pullbacks and rejections, and other fees as applicable. (See New 2017 Fee Schedule Here) You are also subject to our waiting periods for voiding payments in the HCM system.

Did you know that you have the option of drawing your payroll checks and direct deposits off of your own bank accounts? Having all of your payroll payments drawn from your own accounts allows you to manage your own voids, unclaimed wages, pullbacks and much more. If you would like to update your banking settings to cut checks or DDA’s off of your own bank account, please engage with your banking institution for additional information.

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