IP Address change – Action Required: Keep Us Whitelisted!

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There are a lot of bad emails out there that you are happy to not receive. However, there are times when innocuous emails are perceived as bad and our computer banishes them to Spam folders.

To prevent this, some companies use an option called Whitelisting, in which they add known friendly email addresses/IP addresses to their server and then the emails from that address/IP address are delivered to your inbox.

If your company has added the PlanSource IP Address (and we hope you have!) to your Whitelist you will need to update your list, because PlanSource is in the process of changing the IP Address that will send out our emails.

Below is a list of both the old and the new IP addresses. We will be using the new IP Addresses starting May 13th. Please pass this information to your IT support so they can update your email servers if needed.




  • dh1982-esa1.iphmx.com []
  • dh1982-esa2.iphmx.com []


Craig Hunter

Is this information still current in 2018?
Are there any other whitelisting IPs or DNS names that I need to whitelist for my organization

Bill Fryman

Hi Craig! The information above is still valid for 2018. There are no other PlanSource IP addresses that need to be whitelisted. Thanks for checking!


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