HR Tools Highlight: Org Charts

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By the PlanSource HCM Team

File this under: “Wait, who is in that department?”

You can use organizational charts in PlanSource HCM to graphically display employee reporting relationships and organization structure. This enables you to easily visualize your organization and stay connected.

The charts consist of a hierarchy of boxes that represent the employees of your company. Each box includes a photo (if a photo is uploaded to an employee record), the employee’s name, job title and additional miscellaneous fields. The structure of an organization chart is based on the reporting relationships defined for each employee according to the assigned supervisor in PlanSource HCM.

An organizational chart is created only if supervisor values are defined in your HCM setup.  Organizational charts for each component company are also available for display.

The organization chart can be made viewable to your active employees and supports:

  • Interactive navigation
  • Person and Detail Cards
  • Preview Window
  • Direct and Indirect Report counts
  • View employees employed in multiple component companies
  • Change job, Organization and supervisor using Actions
  • Employee search
  • Export, Print and save the organization char tin PDF format

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